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Volume 1 (1995)

Peptide Sequences for β-Crystallins of a Teleost Fish
G. Wistow
Published: 11 October 1995 [Full text]

Fine Mapping of the Usher Syndrome Type IC to Chromosome 11p14 and Identification of Flanking Markers by Haplotype Analysis
R. Ayyagari, Y. Li, R. J. H. Smith, M. Z. Pelias, J. F. Hejtmancik
Published: 25 October 1995 [Full text]

A Polymorphic Trinucleotide Repeat at DXS8170 in the Critical Region of X-Linked Retinitis Pigmentosa Locus RP3 at Xp21.1
Ricardo Fujita, Mark Blumberg, David Anderson, Patricia Forsythe, Christina McHenry, Denise Yan, Teresa L. Yang-Feng, Paul A. Sieving, Anand Swaroop
Published: 5 December 1995 [Full text]

Isolation of Differentially Expressed Human Fovea Genes: Candidates for Macular Disease
Steven L. Bernstein, Diane E. Borst, Paul W. Wong
Published: 21 December 1995 [Full text]

Volume 2 (1996)

Expression of Glial Markers in a Retinal Precursor Cell Line
Gail M. Seigel, Aimee L. Mutchler, Eileen L. Imperato
Published: 24 April 1996 [Full text]

Cloning and characterization of the cDNA encoding the alpha-subunit of cGMP-phosphodiesterase in canine retinal rod photoreceptor cells
Weiquan Wang, Gregory M. Acland, Gustavo D. Aguirre, Kunal Ray
Published: 9 May 1996 [Full text]

RPGR: Part One of the X-linked Retinitis Pigmentosa Story
Ricardo Fujita, Anand Swaroop
Published: 4 June 1996 [Full text]

The gene for PEDF, a retinal growth factor is a prime candidate for retinitis pigmentosa and is tightly linked to the RP13 locus on chromosome 17p13.3
Rene Goliath, Joyce Tombran-Tink, Ignacio R. Rodriquez, Gerald Chader, Rajkumar Ramesar, Jacquie Greenberg
Published: 19 June 1996 [Full text]

Genetic heterogeneity in autosomal dominant pattern dystrophy of the retina
Maike Weigell-Weber, Christoph Kryenbühl, Ernst R. Büchi, Roland Spiegel
Published: 20 June 1996 [Full text]

Long Term Light-Induced Retinal Degeneration in the Miniature Pig
Pascal Dureau, Jean-Claude Jeanny, Bernard Clerc, Jean-Louis Dufier, Yves Courtois
Published: 21 June 1996 [Full text]

Lack of DNase I mRNA sequences in Murine Lenses
John F. Hess, Paul FitzGerald
Published: 26 June 1996 [Full text]

Non-Uniform Distribution of the NMDAR1 Receptor Subunit in Kitten Visual Cortex at the Peak of the Critical Period
Kathryn M. Murphy, Christopher Trepel, Victor D. Pegado
Published: 9 August 1996 [Full text]

A Homozygous PDE6B Mutation in a Family with Autosomal Recessive Retinitis Pigmentosa
Michael Danciger, Vickie Heilbron, Yong-Qing Gao, Dan-Yun Zhao, Samuel G. Jacobson, Debora B. Farber
Published: 17 September 1996 [Full text]

Organization, Evolutionary Conservation, Expression and Unusual Alu Density of the Human Gene for Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor, a Unique Neurotrophic Serpin
Joyce Tombran-Tink, Krzysztof Mazuruk, Ignacio R. Rodriguez, Daniel Chung, Timothy Linker, Ella Englander, Gerald J. Chader
Published: 4 November 1996 [Full text]

Structure determination of the fourth cytoplasmic loop and carboxyl terminal domain of bovine rhodopsin
Philip L. Yeagle, James L. Alderfer, Arlene D. Albert
Published: 29 December 1996 [Full text]

Obituary: Dr. Isaac Bekhor
Cheryl M. Craft
Published: March 1996 [Full text]

Volume 3 (1997)

North Carolina Macular Dystrophy Phenotype in France Maps to the MCDR1 Locus
Kent W. Small, Bernard Puech, Lynne Mullen, Svetlana Yelchits
Published: 2 January 1997 [Full text]

Light Microscopic Variation of Fiber Cell Size, Shape, and Ordering in the Equatorial Plane of Bovine and Human Lenses
K. J. Al-Ghoul, M. J. Costello
Published: 2 February 1997 [Full text]

How Might 12 (R) HETE Cause the Inhibition of Na,K-ATPase?
David R. Whikehart, Henry F. Edelhauser, Wendell D. Woods
Published: 29 April 1997 [Full text]

Application of a Submicroliter Spectrophotometer in Visual Pigment Studies
L. Marty Martinez, Rosalie K. Crouch, D. Wesley Corson
Published: 30 April 1997 [Full text]

Identification of a mutation in the MP19 gene, Lim2, in the cataractous mouse mutant To3
Ernest C. Steele, Jr., Stefan Kerscher, Mary F. Lyon, Peter H. Glenister, Jack Favor, JianHua Wang, Robert L. Church
Published: 7 May 1997 [Full text]

Neural Circuitry and Light Responses of the Dopamine Amacrine Cell of the Turtle Retina
H. Kolb, E. Netzer, J. Ammermüller
Published: 10 June 1997 [Full text]

Isolation and Expression of Homeobox Genes from the Embryonic Chicken Eye
Rita R. Dhawan, Timothy J. Schoen, David C. Beebe
Published: 11 June 1997 [Full text]

Selenite Nuclear Cataract: Review of the Model
Thomas R. Shearer, Hong Ma, Chiho Fukiage, Mitsuyoshi Azuma
Published: 23 July 1997 [Full text]

Two Roles for μ-Crystallin: A Lens Structural Protein in Diurnal Marsupials and a Possible Enzyme in Mammalian Retinas
Lorenzo Segovia, Joseph Horwitz, Robin Gasser, Graeme Wistow
Published: 9 September 1997 [Full text]

Basic, not Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor Stimulates Proliferation of Cultured Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells
Johann S. Schwegler, Michael C. Knorz, Imren Akkoyun, Hans Liesenhoff
Published: 15 October 1997 [Full text]

Analysis of Esterification of Retinoids in the Retinal Pigmented Epithelium of the Mitfvit (vitiligo) Mutant Mouse
Bill L. Evans, Sylvia B. Smith
Published: 24 October 1997 [Full text]

Antisense Inhibition of R-Cognin Expression Modulates Differentiation of Retinal Neurons In Vitro
Johanna L. Phillips, Dean R. Tolan, Robert E. Hausman
Published: 21 November 1997 [Full text]

Regional Mapping of the Human MP70 (Cx50; Connexin 50) Gene by Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization to 1q21.1
David D. Geyer, Robert L. Church, Ernest C. Steele, Jr., Camilla Heinzmann, Tracy L. Kojis, Ivana Klisak, Robert S. Sparkes, J. Bronwyn Bateman
Published: 17 December 1997 [Full text]

Inducible Apoptosis-Promoting Activity in Retinal Cell-Conditioned Medium
Gail M. Seigel, Linda Liu
Published: 17 December 1997 [Full text] [Errata]

A Major Cis Activator of the IRBP Gene contains CRX-binding and Ret-1/PCE-I elements
Jeffrey H. Boatright, Diane E. Borst, John W. Peoples, James Bruno, Carrie L. Edwards, Jing-Sheng Si, John M. Nickerson
Published: 22 December 1997 [Full text] [Errata]

Mutation of a Conserved Proline Disrupts the Retinal-Binding Pocket of the X-linked Cone Opsins
Harry Ostrer, Manija A. Kazmi
Published: 29 December 1997 [Full text]

Structure-function relationships in interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP)
Ze-Yu Lin, Gui-Ru Li, Naoko Takizawa, Jing-Sheng Si, Eleanore A. Gross, Kevin Richardson, John M. Nickerson
Published: 30 December 1997 [Full text]

A Culture Model of Development Reveals Multiple Properties of RPE Tight Junctions
Yuriko Ban, Lawrence J. Rizzolo
Published: 31 December 1997 [Full text]

Volume 4 (1998)

Studies on the Binding of Alpha-Crystallin to Recombinant Prochymosins and Chymosin
Supannee Chitpinityol, Derek Goode, M. James C. Crabbe
Published: 16 January 1998 [Full text]

Characterization of the Mouse Aldose Reductase Gene and Promoter in a Lens Epithelial Cell Line
Michelle H. McGowan, Takeshi Iwata, Deborah A. Carper
Published: 28 January 1998 [Full text]

The Target of the Antiproliferative Antibody (TAPA) in the Normal and Injured Rat Retina
Kristen Clarke, Eldon E. Geisert, Jr.
Published: 10 February 1998 [Full text]

Cleavage of Beta Crystallins During Maturation of Bovine Lens
Marjorie Shih, Kirsten J. Lampi, Thomas R. Shearer, Larry L. David
Published: 27 February 1998 [Full text]

Apoptosis in the Murine rd1 Retinal Degeneration is Predominantly p53-Independent
R. M. P. Hopp, N. Ransom, S. G. Hilsenbeck, D. S. Papermaster, J. J. Windle
Published: 2 March 1998 [Full text]

Isolation and Characterization of a Skate Retinal GABA Transporter cDNA
Xiaohua Qian, Robert Paul Malchow, John O'Brien, Muayyad R. Al-Ubaidi
Published: 6 March 1998 [Full text]

Structural and Comparative Analysis of the Mouse Gene for Pigment Epithelium-Derived Factor (PEDF)
Vijay K. Singh, Gerald J. Chader, Ignacio R. Rodriguez
Published: 20 April 1998 [Full text]

Cloning and Mapping the Mouse Crygs Gene and Non-lens Expression of γS-Crystallin
Debasish Sinha, Noriko Esumi, Cynthia Jaworski, Christine A. Kozak, Eric Pierce, Graeme Wistow
Published: 30 April 1998 [Full text]

Local microdomain structure in the terminal extensions of βA3- and βB2-crystallins
Yuri V. Sergeev, Larry L. David, Harry C. Chen, John N. Hope, J. Fielding Hejtmancik
Published: 18 June 1998 [Full text]

Molecular Cloning of the Salamander Red and Blue Cone Visual Pigments
Lin Xu, E. Starr Hazard III, D. Kashelle Lockman, Rosalie K. Crouch, Jian-xing Ma
Published: 15 July 1998 [Full text]

Retinal Gene Therapy 1998: Summary of a Workshop
William W. Hauswirth, Roderick R. McInnes
Published: 21 July 1998 [Full text]

Micromanipulation of Retinal Neurons by Optical Tweezers
E. Townes-Anderson, R. S. St. Jules, D. M. Sherry, J. Lichtenberger, M. Hassanain
Published: 30 July 1998 [Full text]

Interaction of Phosducin and Phosducin Isoforms with a 26S Proteasomal Subunit, SUG1
Xuemei Zhu, Cheryl M. Craft
Published: 11 August 1998 [Full text]

Molecular Characterization of the Mouse Gene Encoding Cellular Retinaldehyde-binding Protein
Breandán N. Kennedy, Jing Huang, John C. Saari, John W. Crabb
Published: 4 September 1998 [Full text]

Expression of a Copper-Containing Amine Oxidase by Human Ciliary Body
David N. Howell, Zuzana Valnickova, Tim D. Oury, Sara E. Miller, Fred P. Sanfilippo, Jan J. Enghild
Published: 8 September 1998 [Full text]

Exon Screening of the Genes Encoding the β- and γ-subunits of Cone Transducin in Patients with Inherited Retinal Disease
Yong Qing Gao, Michael Danciger, Novrouz B. Akhmedov, Dan Yun Zhao, John R. Heckenlively, Gerald A. Fishman, Richard G. Weleber, Samuel G. Jacobson, Debora B. Farber
Published: 17 September 1998 [Full text]

Up-regulation of Osteonectin/SPARC in Age-Related Cataractous Human Lens Epithelia
Marc Kantorow, Joseph Horwitz, Deborah Carper
Published: 17 September 1998 [Full text]

Quantitative In Situ Localization Of Tenascin-C Alternatively Spliced Transcripts In The Avian Optic Tectum
Richard P. Tucker
Published: 21 September 1998 [Full text]

Structural Features of the Aldose Reductase and Aldehyde Reductase Inhibitor-Binding Sites
Ossama El-Kabbani, David K. Wilson, J. Mark Petrash, Florante A. Quiocho
Published: 29 September 1998 [Full text]

GLC1A mutations point to regions of potential functional importance on the TIGR/MYOC protein
Frank W. Rozsa, Satoko Shimizu, Paul R. Lichter, A. Tim Johnson, Mohammad I. Othman, Kathleen Scott, Catherine A. Downs, Thai D. Nguyen, Jon Polansky, Julia E. Richards
Published: 6 October 1998 [Full text]

Autosomal dominant zonular cataract with sutural opacities is associated with a splice mutation in the βA3/A1-crystallin gene
Chitra Kannabiran, Peter K. Rogan, Lisa Olmos, Surrendra Basti, Gullapalli N. Rao, Muriel Kaiser-Kupfer, J. Fielding Hejtmancik
Published: 23 October 1998 [Full text]

Fibroblast growth factor 2 uses PLC-γ1 for cell proliferation and PI3-kinase for alteration of cell shape and cell proliferation in corneal endothelial cells
EunDuck P. Kay, Sun Young Park, MinHee K. Ko, Sung Chul Lee
Published: 27 October 1998 [Full text]

Congenital stationary night blindness in the dog: common mutation in the RPE65 gene indicates founder effect
Gustavo D. Aguirre, Victoria Baldwin, Sue Pearce-Kelling, Kristina Narfström, Kunal Ray, Gregory M. Acland
Published: 30 October 1998 [Full text]

Regional expression of disease-related genes in human and monkey retina
Steven L. Bernstein, Paul Wong
Published: 5 November 1998 [Full text]

Structure and developmental expression of the mouse RGR opsin gene
Li Tao, Daiwei Shen, Sujay Pandey, Wenshan Hao, Kathryn A. Rich, Henry K. W. Fong
Published: 2 December 1998 [Full text]

Novel expression pattern of Interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP) in the adult and developing zebrafish retina and RPE
Deborah L. Stenkamp, Lisa L. Cunningham, Pamela A. Raymond, Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez
Published: 2 December 1998 [Full text]

The Cloning of GRK7, a Candidate Cone Opsin Kinase, from Cone- and Rod-Dominant Mammalian Retinas
Ellen R. Weiss, Dayanidhi Raman, Satoko Shirakawa, Melissa H. Ducceschi, Paul T. Bertram, Fulton Wong, Timothy W. Kraft, Shoji Osawa
Published: 8 December 1998 [Full text]

Glycosylation and Palmitoylation Are Not Required for the Formation of the X-Linked Cone Opsin Visual Pigments
Harry Ostrer, Raju K. Pullarkat, Manija A. Kazmi
Published: 10 December 1998 [Full text]

Protection of a Restriction Enzyme from Heat Inactivation by α-Crystallin
John F. Hess, Paul G. FitzGerald
Published: 15 December 1998 [Full text]

Arginine to Glutamine Substitutions in the Fourth Module of Xenopus Interphotoreceptor Retinoid-Binding Protein
Claxton A. Baer, Ellen E. Van Niel, Jeffrey W. Cronk, Michael T. Kinter, Nicholas E. Sherman, Mark S. Braiman, Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez
Published: 30 December 1998 [Full text]

Familial Subepithelial Corneal Amyloidosis (Gelatinous Drop-Like Corneal Dystrophy): Exclusion of Linkage to Lactoferrin Gene
Gordon K. Klintworth, Jeffrey R. Sommer, Greg Obrian, Lei Han, Mohamed N. Ahmed, Mazin B. Qumsiyeh, Pei-Yu Lin, Surrendra Basti, Madhukar K. Reddy, Atsushi Kanai, Yoshihiro Hotta, Joel Sugar, Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel, Francis Munier, Daniel F. Schorderet, Leila El Matri, Fumino Iwata, Muriel Kaiser-Kupfer, Masao Nagata, Kiyoo Nakayasu, J. Fielding Hejtmancik, Christina T. Teng
Published: 31 December 1998 [Full text]

Spatial and Temporal Expression of AP-1 Responsive Rod Photoreceptor Genes and bZIP Transcription Factors During Development of the Rat Retina
Lihua He, Martin L. Campbell, Devesh Srivastava, Yvonne S. Blocker, J. Robin Harris, Anand Swaroop, Donald A. Fox
Published: 31 December 1998 [Full text]

Structure-Function Relationships in the Four Repeats of Human Interphotoreceptor Retinoid-Binding Protein (IRBP)
John M. Nickerson, Gui-Ru Li, Ze-Yu Lin, Naoko Takizawa, Jing-Sheng Si, Eleanore A. Gross
Published: 31 December 1998 [Full text]

Volume 5 (1999)

Intracellular Ca2+ concentrations in cultured chicken photoreceptor cells: Sustained elevation in depolarized cells and the role of dihydropyridine-sensitive Ca2+ channels
Katsuhisa Uchida, P. Michael Iuvone
Published: 10 February 1999 [Full text]

Deamidation of α-A Crystallin from Nuclei of Cataractous and Normal Human Lenses
Larry Takemoto, Daniel Boyle
Published: 19 February 1999 [Full text]

Identification of a novel gene product preferentially expressed in rat lens epithelial cells
Huicong Cai, Richard D. Howells, B. J. Wagner
Published: 8 April 1999 [Full text]

The golden age of retinal cell culture
Gail M. Seigel
Published: 19 April 1999 [Full text]

Identifying and mapping novel retinal-expressed ESTs from humans
Kimberly Malone, Melanie M. Sohocki, Lori S. Sullivan, Stephen P. Daiger
Published: 4 May 1999 [Full text]

The Internalization of Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts (PSCs) in Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Rats I. Morphological Characterization
Kristin J. Al-Ghoul, Kurt L. Peterson, Jer. R. Kuszak
Published: 6 May 1999 [Full text]

The Internalization of Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts (PSCs) in Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Rats. II. The Inter-Relationship of Optical Quality and Structure As A Function of Age
Jer. R. Kuszak, Kristin J. Al-Ghoul, Layne A. Novak, Kurt L. Peterson, Kelly L. Herbert, Jacob G. Sivak
Published: 6 May 1999 [Full text]

The Rabbit Lens Epithelial Cell Line N/N1003A Requires 12-Lipoxygenase Activity for DNA Synthesis in Response to EGF
Mohammad S. R. Haque, Jaspreet K. Arora, George Dikdan, Thomas W. Lysz, Peggy S. Zelenka
Published: 15 June 1999 [Full text]

Levels of retinoic acid and retinaldehyde dehydrogenase expression in eyes of the Mitf-vit mouse model of retinal degeneration
T. Duncan, C. Swint, S. B. Smith, B. N. Wiggert
Published: 28 June 1999 [Full text]

Four polymorphic variations in the PEDF gene identified during the mutation screening of patients with Leber congenital amaurosis
Robert Koenekoop, Ana Luisa Pina, Magali Loyer, Joe Davidson, Johane Robitaille, Irene Maumenee, Joyce Tombran-Tink
Published: 2 July 1999 [Full text]

Development of a Polyclonal Antibody with Broad Epitope Specificity for Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Localization of these Epitopes in Bruch's Membrane of the Aging Eye
Behnom Farboud, Amy Aotaki-Keen, Toshio Miyata, Leonard M. Hjelmeland, James T. Handa
Published: 14 July 1999 [Full text]

The transcription factor Sp3 interacts with promoter elements of the lens specific MIP gene
Sunghee Kim, Hong Ge, Chiaki Ohtaka-Maruyama, Ana B. Chepelinsky
Published: 15 July 1999 [Full text]

Bilateral macular atrophy in blue cone monochromacy (BCM) with loss of the locus control region (LCR) and part of the red pigment gene
Radha Ayyagari, Laura E. Kakuk, Caraline L. Coats, Eve L. Bingham, Yumiko Toda, Joost Felius, Paul A. Sieving
Published: 28 July 1999 [Full text]

Characterization of the Chicken GCAP Gene Array and Analyses of GCAP1, GCAP2, and GC1 Gene Expression in Normal and rd Chicken Pineal
Susan L. Semple-Rowland, Patrick Larkin, J. Darin Bronson, Keith Nykamp, Wolfgang J. Streit, Wolfgang Baehr
Published: 28 July 1999 [Full text]

Maintenance of Chaperone-like Activity Despite Mutations in a Conserved Region of Murine Lens αB Crystallin
Henry W. Hepburne-Scott, M. James C. Crabbe
Published: 10 August 1999 [Full text]

Lactose promotes organized photoreceptor outer segment assembly and preserves expression of photoreceptor proteins in retinal degeneration
Monica M. Jablonski, Amira Wohabrebbi, Cynthia S. Ervin
Published: 11 August 1999 [Full text]

Hsp47-dependent and -independent intracellular trafficking of type I collagen in corneal endothelial cells
MinHee K. Ko, EunDuck P. Kay
Published: 19 August 1999 [Full text]

FGF-2 facilitates binding of SH3 domain of PLC-γ1 to vinculin and SH2 domains to FGF receptor in corneal endothelial cells
Sun Young Park, Ernesto Barron, Pan-Ghil Suh, Sung Ho Ryu, EunDuck P. Kay
Published: 20 August 1999 [Full text]

A trabecular meshwork glucocorticoid response (TIGR) gene mutation affects translocational processing
Carin C. Zimmerman, Vishwanath R. Lingappa, Julia E. Richards, Frank W. Rozsa, Paul R. Lichter, Jon R. Polansky
Published: 23 August 1999 [Full text]

Aldose and aldehyde reductases: Structure-function studies on the coenzyme and inhibitor-binding sites
Ossama El-Kabbani, Susan E. Old, Stephan L. Ginell, Deborah A. Carper
Published: 3 September 1999 [Full text]

Identification of a missense mutation in the alphaA-crystallin gene of the lop18 mouse
B. Chang, N. L. Hawes, T. H. Roderick, R. S. Smith, J. R. Heckenlively, J. Horwitz, M. T. Davisson
Published: 10 September 1999 [Full text]

Mouse fundus photography and angiography: A catalogue of normal and mutant phenotypes
Norman L. Hawes, Richard S. Smith, Bo Chang, Muriel Davisson, John R. Heckenlively, Simon W. M. John
Published: 15 September 1999 [Full text]

Technical Brief: A heterologous expression system for bovine lens transmembrane Main Intrinsic Protein (MIP) in Nicotiana tabacum plants
Oliver S. de Peyer, Andrew C. Wetten, James M. Dunwell, M. James C. Crabbe
Published: 29 October 1999 [Full text]

Pathogenesis and treatment of age-related macular degeneration: Current knowledge and leads for future research (Meeting Summary)

The pathogenesis of age-related macular degeneration
Peter A. Campochiaro
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
The natural history of geographic atrophy, the advanced atrophic form of age-related macular degeneration
Janet S. Sunness
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Epidemiology of age-related macular degeneration
Barbara S. Hawkins, Alan Bird, Ronald Klein, Sheila K. West
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Histopathology of age-related macular degeneration
W. Richard Green
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Molecular composition of drusen as related to substructural phenotype
Gregory S. Hageman, Robert F. Mullins
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
The genetics of age-related macular degeneration
Michael B. Gorin, John C. S. Breitner, Paulus T. V. M. De Jong, Gregory S. Hageman, Caroline C. W. Klaver, Markus H. Kuehn, Johanna M. Seddon
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
What can we learn about age-related macular degeneration from other retinal diseases?
Donald J. Zack, Michael Dean, Robert S. Molday, Jeremy Nathans, T. Michael Redmond, Edwin M. Stone, Anand Swaroop, David Valle, Bernhard H. F. Weber
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Cell death in age-related macular degeneration
Ruben Adler, Christine Curcio, David Hicks, Donald Price, Fulton Wong
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Oxidative damage and age-related macular degeneration
Barry S. Winkler, Michael E. Boulton, John D. Gottsch, Paul Sternberg
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Senescence of the retinal pigment epithelium
Leonard M. Hjelmeland, Vincent J. Cristofolo, Walter Funk, Elizabeth Rakoczy, Martin L. Katz
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
The pathogenesis of choroidal neovascularization in patients with age-related macular degeneration
Peter A. Campochiaro, Paul Soloway, Stephen J. Ryan, Joan W. Miller
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]
Changes in choriocapillaris and retinal pigment epithelium in age-related macular degeneration
Gerard Lutty, Juan Grunwald, Ajit B. Majji, Masanobu Uyama, Shin Yoneya
Published: 3 November 1999 [Full text]

Iontophoresis of lysophosphatidic acid into rabbit cornea induces HSV-1 reactivation: Evidence that neuronal signaling changes after infection
Rex E. Martin, Jeannette M. Loutsch, Hildegardo H. Garza, Jr., Daniel J. Boedeker, James M. Hill
Published: 20 December 1999 [Full text]

Modelling cortical cataractogenesis XXIV: Uptake by the lens of glutathione injected into the rat
P. Jill Stewart-DeHaan, Tomasz Dzialoszynski, John R. Trevithick
Published: 22 December 1999 [Full text]

North Carolina macular dystrophy (MCDR1) locus: A fine resolution genetic map and haplotype analysis
Kent W. Small, Nitin Udar, Svetlana Yelchits, Ronald Klein, Charlie Garcia, Guillermo Gallardo, Bernard Puech, Virginie Puech, David Saperstein, Jennifer Lim, Julia Haller, Christina Flaxel, Rosemary Kelsell, David Hunt, Kevin Evans, Felicia Lennon, Margaret Pericak-Vance
Published: 29 December 1999 [Full text]

The mRNA phenotype of a human RPE cell line at replicative senescence
Hiroshi Matsunaga, James T. Handa, Claire Mazow Gelfman, Leonard M. Hjelmeland
Published: 29 December 1999 [Full text]

The immunolocalization and divergent roles of phosducin and phosducin-like protein in the retina
Craig D. Thulin, Kim Howes, Collin D. Driscoll, Justin R. Savage, Timothy A. Rand, Wolfgang Baehr, Barry M. Willardson
Published: 29 December 1999 [Full text]

11-cis Retinol dehydrogenase mutations as a major cause of the congenital night-blindness disorder known as fundus albipunctatus
Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez, Daryl Kurz, Yondge Bao, Steven Newman, Brian P. Conway, Joyce E. Young, Dennis P. Han, Shahrokh C. Khani
Published: 30 December 1999 [Full text]

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