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Volume 14 (2008)

Transplantation of a sheet of human corneal endothelial cell in a rabbit model
Kouichiro Hitani, Seiichi Yokoo, Norihiko Honda, Tomohiko Usui, Satoru Yamagami, Shiro Amano
Published: 3 January 2008 [Full text]

Effect of immunomodulation with anti-CD40L antibody on adenoviral-mediated transgene expression in mouse anterior segment
J. Cameron Millar, Iok-Hou Pang, Wan-Heng Wang, Yu Wang, Abbot F. Clark
Published: 9 January 2008 [Full text]

A naturally-occurring mutation in Cacna1f in a rat model of congenital stationary night blindness
Yonghao Gu, Lifeng Wang, Jie Zhou, Qun Guo, Na Liu, Zhenqiang Ding, Li Li, Xinping Liu, Jing An, Guolin Yan, Libo Yao, Zuoming Zhang
Published: 9 January 2008 [Full text]

Analysis of nuclear and mitochondrial genes in patients with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Khaled K. Abu-Amero, Thomas M. Bosley, Jose Morales
Published: 10 January 2008 [Full text]

Recombinant anti-vascular endothelial growth factor fusion protein efficiently suppresses choridal neovasularization in monkeys
Ming Zhang, Junjun Zhang, Mi Yan, Hong Li, Chun Yang, Dechao Yu
Published: 10 January 2008 [Full text]

Immunomagnetic isolation and in vitro expansion of human uveal melanoma cell lines
Jonathan J. Cools-Lartigue, Cristin S. McCauley, Jean-Claude A. Marshall, Sebastian Di Cesare, Francois Gregoire, Emilia Antecka, Patrick Logan, Miguel N. Burnier Jr.
Published: 10 January 2008 [Full text]

A novel mutation in FRMD7 causing X-linked idiopathic congenital nystagmus in a large family
Xiang He, Feng Gu, Yujing Wang, Jinting Yan, Meng Zhang, Shangzhi Huang, Xu Ma
Published: 11 January 2008 [Full text]

Protein tyrosine phosphatase-1B (PTP1B) helps regulate EGF-induced stimulation of S-phase entry in human corneal endothelial cells
Yutaka Ishino, Cheng Zhu, Deshea L. Harris, Nancy C. Joyce
Published: 16 January 2008 [Full text]

Genetic analysis of chromosome 20-related posterior polymorphous corneal dystrophy: genetic heterogeneity and exclusion of three candidate genes
S. Mohsen Hosseini, Sarah Herd, Andrea L. Vincent, Elise Heon
Published: 16 January 2008 [Full text]

Formation of amyloid fibrils in vitro by human γD-crystallin and its isolated domains
Katerina Papanikolopoulou, Ishara Mills-Henry, Shannon L. Thol, Yongting Wang, Abby A.R. Gross, Daniel A. Kirschner, Sean M. Decatur, Jonathan King
Published: 16 January 2008 [Full text]

The effect of paraformaldehyde fixation and PBS storage on the water content of the human lens
Robert C Augusteyn, Gijs Vrensen, Ben Willekens
Published: 17 January 2008 [Full text]

Troglitazone suppresses transforming growth factor beta-mediated fibrogenesis in retinal pigment epithelial cells
Huey-Chuan Cheng, Tsung-Chuan Ho, Show-Li Chen, Huei-Yi Lai, Kuo-Fu Hong, Yeou-Ping Tsao
Published: 18 January 2008 [Full text]

The cytotoxic and stress responses of human trabecular meshwork cells treated with triamcinolone acetonide
Dan Yi Wang, Bao Jian Fan, Gary Y.H. Yam, Dennis S.C. Lam, Chi Pui Pang
Published: 22 January 2008 [Full text]

Application of atomic force microscopy in morphological observation of antisense probe labeled with magnetism
Ming Wen, Bibo Li, Wei Bai, Shaolin Li, Xueheng Yang
Published: 23 January 2008 [Full text]

ABCC6 mutations in pseudoxanthoma elasticum: an update including eight novel ones
Astrid S. Plomp, Ralph J. Florijn, Jacoline ten Brink, Bruce Castle, Helen Kingston, Ana Martin-Santiago, Theo G.M.F. Gorgels, Paulus T.V.M. de Jong, Arthur A.B. Bergen
Published: 24 January 2008 [Full text]

Hypoxia-regulated components of the U4/U6.U5 tri-small nuclear riboprotein complex: possible role in autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa
Rainald Schmidt-Kastner, Hideo Yamamoto, Duco Hamasaki, Hiroko Yamamoto, Jean-Marie Parel, Christoph Schmitz, C. Kathy Dorey, Janet C. Blanks, Markus N. Preising
Published: 25 January 2008 [Full text]

Localization of TGF-β type II receptor and ED-A fibronectin in normal conjunctiva and failed filtering blebs
Tobias Meyer-ter-Vehn, Franz Grehn, Günther Schlunck
Published: 25 January 2008 [Full text]

A novel de novo PAX6 mutation in an Ashkenazi-Jewish family with aniridia
Dikla Bandah, Ada Rosenmann, Anat Blumenfeld, Edward Averbukh, Eyal Banin, Dror Sharon
Published: 28 January 2008 [Full text]

Analysis of LOXL1 polymorphisms in a United States population with pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Pratap Challa, Silke Schmidt, Yutao Liu, Xuejun Qin, Robin R. Vann, Pedro Gonzalez, R. Rand Allingham, Michael A. Hauser
Published: 29 January 2008 [Full text]

Effect of circulation on the disposition and ocular tissue distribution of 20 nm nanoparticles after periocular administration
Aniruddha C. Amrite, Henry F. Edelhauser, Swita R. Singh, Uday B. Kompella
Published: 29 January 2008 [Full text]

Expression of senescence-related genes in human corneal endothelial cells
Zhenhua Song, Ye Wang, Lixin Xie, Xinjie Zang, Hongmei Yin
Published: 29 January 2008 [Full text]

Distribution of bovine and rabbit lens alpha-crystallin products by MALDI imaging mass spectrometry
Angus C. Grey, Kevin L. Schey
Published: 29 January 2008 [Full text]

Tear lipocalin is the major endonuclease in tears
Taleh N. Yusifov, Adil R. Abduragimov, Kiran Narsinh, Oktay K. Gasymov, Ben J. Glasgow
Published: 29 January 2008 [Full text]

Culture and characterization of oral mucosal epithelial cells on human amniotic membrane for ocular surface reconstruction
Soundarya Lakshmi Madhira, Geeta Vemuganti, Anirban Bhaduri, Subhash Gaddipati, Virender Singh Sangwan, Yashoda Ghanekar
Published: 30 January 2008 [Full text]

Isolation and distribution of rabbit keratocyte precursors
Tatsuya Mimura, Shiro Amano, Seiichi Yokoo, Saiko Uchida, Tomohiko Usui, Satoru Yamagami
Published: 30 January 2008 [Full text]

Reduction of quaternary ammonium-induced ocular surface toxicity by emulsions: an in vivo study in rabbits
H. Liang, F. Brignole-Baudouin, L. Rabinovich-Guilatt, Z. Mao,1 L. Riancho,1 M.O. Faure, J.M. Warnet, G. Lambert, C. Baudouin
Published: 31 January 2008 [Full text]

Epigallocatechin gallate protects against oxidative stress-induced mitochondria-dependent apoptosis in human lens epithelial cells
Ke Yao, PanPan Ye, Li Zhang, Jian Tan, XiaJing Tang, YiDong Zhang
Published: 31 January 2008 [Full text]

Oxygen and blood flow: players in the pathogenesis of glaucoma
Maneli Mozaffarieh, Matthias C. Grieshaber, Josef Flammer
Published: 31 January 2008 [Full text]

UV-A-induced structural and functional changes in human lens deamidated B-crystallin
Kerri Mafia, Ratna Gupta, Marion Kirk, L. Wilson, O.P. Srivastava, Stephen Barnes
Published: 1 February 2008 [Full text]

Hypericin inhibits pathological retinal neovascularization in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy
Akiko Higuchi, Haruhiko Yamada, Eri Yamada, Nobuo Jo, Miyo Matsumura
Published: 4 February 2008 [Full text]

Cyclic GMP in the pig vitreous and retina after experimental retinal detachment
Roselie M.H. Diederen, Ellen C. La Heij, Marijke A.M. Lemmens, Aize Kijlstra, Jan de Vente, Fred Hendrikse
Published: 4 February 2008 [Full text]

Molecular analysis of ABCA4 and CRB1 genes in a Spanish family segregating both Stargardt disease and autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa
Rosa Riveiro-Alvarez, Elena Vallespin, Robert Wilke, Blanca Garcia-Sandoval, Diego Cantalapiedra, Jana Aguirre-Lamban, Almudena Avila-Fernandez, Ascension Gimenez, Maria-Jose Trujillo-Tiebas, Carmen Ayuso
Published: 4 February 2008 [Full text]

Axonal regeneration after optic nerve crush in Nogo-A/B/C knockout mice
Ying Su, Feng Wang, Shi-guang Zhao, Shang-ha Pan, Ping Liu, Yan Teng, Hao Cui
Published: 4 February 2008 [Full text]

Radiation cataracts: mechanisms involved in their long delayed occurrence but then rapid progression
Norman Wolf, William Pendergrass, Narendra Singh, Karen Swisshelm, Jeffrey Schwartz
Published: 5 February 2008 [Full text]

Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene T-786C and 27-bp repeat gene polymorphisms in retinopathy of prematurity
Krisztina Rusai, Adam Vannay, Beata Szebeni, Gabor Borgulya, Andrea Fekete, Barna Vasarhelyi, Tivadar Tulassay, Attila J Szabo
Published: 5 February 2008 [Full text]

Mass spectrometry-based proteomic analyses of contact lens deposition
Kari B. Green-Church, Jason J. Nichols
Published: 8 February 2008 [Full text]

A role for aquaporin-4 during induction of form deprivation myopia in chick
Melinda J Goodyear, Barbara M Junghans, Loretta Giummarra, Melanie J Murphy, David P Crewther, Sheila G Crewther
Published: 8 February 2008 [Full text]

Keratocyte phenotype is enhanced in the absence of attachment to the substratum
Martha L. Funderburgh, Mary M. Mann, James L. Funderburgh
Published: 8 February 2008 [Full text]

Association of non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms in the LOXL1 gene with pseudoexfoliation syndrome in India
Vedam Lakshmi Ramprasad, Ronnie George, Nagasamy Soumittra, Ferdinamarie Sharmila, Lingam Vijaya, Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel
Published: 8 February 2008 [Full text]

A novel mutation in GJA8 associated with jellyfish-like cataract in a family of Indian origin
Vanita Vanita, Jai Rup Singh, Daljit Singh, Raymonda Varon, Karl Sperling
Published: 8 February 2008 [Full text]

A penetrating ocular injury can affect the induction of anterior chamber-associated immune deviation
Fang Lei, Junfeng Zhang, Jinsong Zhang, Hao He, Ying Du, Peizeng Yang
Published: 11 February 2008 [Full text]

The influence of visible light exposure on cultured RGC-5 cells
John P. M. Wood, Gerassimos Lascaratos, Anthony J. Bron, Neville N. Osborne
Published: 11 February 2008 [Full text]

Neutralizing antibody to VEGF reduces intravitreous neovascularization and may not interfere with ongoing intraretinal vascularization in a rat model of retinopathy of prematurity
P. Geisen, L. J. Peterson, D. Martiniuk, Ahbineet Uppal, Y. Saito, M. Elizabeth Hartnett
Published: 11 February 2008 [Full text]

Identification of differentially expressed genes in carp rods and cones
Yoshie Shimauchi-Matsukawa, Yoshinobu Aman, Shuji Tachibanaki, Satoru Kawamura
Published: 26 February 2008 [Full text]

Proteomic analysis of aqueous humor from patients with myopia
Xiaoming Duan, Qingjun Lu, Peng Xue, Hongjie Zhang, Zhe Dong, Fuquan Yang, Ningli Wang
Published: 3 March 2008 [Full text]

Mutation G61C in the CRYGD gene causing autosomal dominant congenital coralliform cataracts
Feifeng Li, Shuzhen Wang, Chang Gao, Shiguo Liu, Baojian Zhao, Meng Zhang, Shangzhi Huang, Siquan Zhu, Xu Ma
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Common MFRP sequence variants are not associated with moderate to high hyperopia, isolated microphthalmia, and high myopia
Ravikanth Metlapally, Yi-Ju Li, Khanh-Nhat Tran-Viet, Anuradha Bulusu, Tristan R. White, Jaclyn Ellis, Daniel Kao, Terri L. Young
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Comparative study on the cytotoxic effects of benzalkonium chloride on the Wong-Kilbourne derivative of Chang conjunctival and IOBA-NHC cell lines
E. Brasnu, F. Brignole-Baudouin, L. Riancho, J.-M. Warnet, C. Baudouin
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Expression of K6W-ubiquitin in lens epithelial cells leads to upregulation of a broad spectrum of molecular chaperones
Q. Bian, A.F. Fernandes, A. Taylor, M. Wu, P. Pereira, F. Shang
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Presence of myocilin sequence variants in Japanese patients with open-angle glaucoma
MingGe Mengkegale, Nobuo Fuse, Akiko Miyazawa, Kana Takahashi, Motohiko Seimiya, Tomoki Yasui, Makoto Tamai, Toru Nakazawa, Kohji Nishida
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

A novel connexin 50 (GJA8) mutation in a Chinese family with a dominant congenital pulverulent nuclear cataract
Ming Yan, Chenling Xiong, Shui Qing Ye, Yongmei Chen, Min Ke, Fang Zheng, Xin Zhou
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Glutathione S-transferase M1 and T1 polymorphisms in Arab glaucoma patients
Khaled K. Abu-Amero, Jose Morales, Gamal H. Mohamed, Mazen N. Osman, Thomas M. Bosley
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Mesenchymal cells from limbal stroma of human eye
Naresh Polisetty, Anees Fatima, Soundarya Lakshmi Madhira, Virender Singh Sangwan, Geeta K Vemuganti
Published: 4 March 2008 [Full text]

Influence of timing (pre-puberty or skeletal maturity) of ovariohysterectomy on mRNA levels in corneal tissues of female rabbits
Yamini Achari, Carol R. Reno, Helen Tsao, Douglas W. Morck, David A. Hart
Published: 6 March 2008 [Full text]

Investigation of the human tear film proteome using multiple proteomic approaches
Kari B. Green-Church, Kelly K. Nichols, Nan M. Kleinholz, Liwen Zhang, Jason J. Nichols
Published: 7 March 2008 [Full text]

Robust hypoxia-selective regulation of a retinal pigment epithelium-specific adeno-associated virus vector
Christopher J. Dougherty, George W. Smith, C. Kathleen Dorey, Howard M. Prentice, Keith A. Webster, Janet C. Blanks
Published: 7 March 2008 [Full text]

Identification of a novel splice-site mutation in the Lebercilin (LCA5) gene causing Leber congenital amaurosis
Vedam Lakshmi Ramprasad, Nagasamy Soumittra, Derek Nancarrow, Parveen Sen, Martin McKibbin, Grange A Williams, Tharigopala Arokiasamy, Praveena Lakshmipathy, Chris F Inglehearn, Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel
Published: 10 March 2008 [Full text]

Absence of optineurin (OPTN) gene mutations in Taiwanese patients with juvenile-onset open-angle glaucoma
Yung-Chang Yen, Jiann-Jou Yang, Ming-Chih Chou, Shuan-Yow Li
Published: 11 March 2008 [Full text]

Atypical asymmetric lattice corneal dystrophy associated with a novel homozygous mutation (Val624Met) in the TGFBI gene
Natalie A. Afshari, Rosanna P. Bahadur, David E. Eifrig Jr, Ida B. Thogersen, Jan J. Enghild, Gordon K. Klintworth
Published: 12 March 2008 [Full text]

Comparative analysis of the tear protein profile in mycotic keratitis patients
Sivagnanam Ananthi, Thangavel Chitra, Ramachandran Bini, Namperumalsamy Venkatesh Prajna, Prajna Lalitha, Kuppamuthu Dharmalingam
Published: 12 March 2008 [Full text]

Contributions of MYOC and CYP1B1 mutations to JOAG
Behnaz Bayat, Shahin Yazdani, Afagh Alavi, Mohsen Chiani, Fereshteh Chitsazian, Betsabeh Khoramian Tusi, Fatemeh Suri, Mehrnaz Narooie-Nejhad, Mohammad H Sanati, Elahe Elahi
Published: 13 March 2008 [Full text]

The role of mitochondrial haplogroups in glaucoma: a study in an Arab population
Khaled K. Abu-Amero, Jose Morales, Thomas M. Bosley, Gamal H. Mohamed, Vicente M. Cabrera
Published: 13 March 2008 [Full text]

Distribution of adenosine receptors in human sclera fibroblasts
Dongmei Cui, Klaus Trier, Xiang Chen, Junwen Zeng, Xiao Yang, Jianmin Hu, Jian Ge
Published: 14 March 2008 [Full text]

Autosomal dominant congenital cataract in a Libyan Jewish family: cosegregation with a reciprocal chromosomal translocation [t(3;5)(p22.3; p15.1)]
Emre Zafer, Jeanne Meck, Liora Gerrad, Elon Pras, Moshe Frydman, Orit Reish, Isaac Avni, Eran Pras
Published: 14 March 2008 [Full text]

Evaluation of LOXL1 gene polymorphisms in exfoliation syndrome and exfoliation glaucoma
Jose A. Aragon-Martin, Robert Ritch, Jeffrey Liebmann, Colm O’Brien, Karima Blaaow, Franco Mercieca, Anthony Spiteri, Caroline J. Cobb, Karim F. Damji, Ahti Tarkkanen, Tayebeh Rezaie, Anne H. Child, Mansoor Sarfarazi
Published: 17 March 2008 [Full text]

The Cdk5 inhibitor olomoucine promotes corneal debridement wound closure in vivo
Brajendra K. Tripathi, Mary A. Stepp, Chun Y. Gao, Peggy S. Zelenk
Published: 17 March 2008 [Full text]

HLA class I and II gene polymorphisms in Stevens-Johnson syndrome with ocular complications in Japanese
Mayumi Ueta, Katsushi Tokunaga, Chie Sotozono, Tsutomu Inatomi, Toshio Yabe, Masaki Matsushita, Yoko Mitsuishi, Shigeru Kinoshita
Published: 17 March 2008 [Full text]

Inhibition of choroidal neovascularization by homoisoflavanone, a new angiogenesis inhibitor
Jeong Hun Kim, Jin Hyoung Kim, Young Suk Yu, Hyoung-Oh Jun, Ho Jeong Kwon, Kyu Hyung Park, Kyu-Won Kim
Published: 18 March 2008 [Full text]

Promiscuous recombination of LoxP alleles during gametogenesis in cornea Cre driver mice
Daniel Y. Weng, Yujin Zhang, Yasuhito Hayashi, Chia-Yi Kuan, Chia-Yang Liu, George Babcock, Wei-Lan Weng, Sandy Schwemberger, Winston W.-Y. Kao
Published: 20 March 2008 [Full text]

Mie light scattering calculations for an Indian age-related nuclear cataract with a high density of multilamellar bodies
Kurt O. Gilliland, Sonke Johnsen, Sangeetha Metlapally, M. Joseph Costello, Balasubramanya Ramamurthy, Pravin V. Krishna, Dorairajan Balasubramanian
Published: 24 March 2008 [Full text]

Identification of novel mutations and sequence variants in the SOX2 and CHX10 genes in patients with anophthalmia/microphthalmia
Jie Zhou, Femida Kherani, Tanya M. Bardakjian, James Katowitz, Nkecha Hughes, Lisa A. Schimmenti, Adele Schneider, Terri L. Young
Published: 24 March 2008 [Full text]

Erythrocyte aldose reductase activity and sorbitol levels in diabetic retinopathy
G. Bhanuprakash Reddy, A. Satyanarayana, N. Balakrishna, Radha Ayyagari, M. Padma, K. Viswanath, J. Mark Petrash
Published: 24 March 2008 [Full text]

Overexpression of E2F5/p130, but not E2F5 alone, can inhibit E2F-induced cell cycle entry in transgenic mice
Qin Chen, Dongcai Liang, Paul A. Overbeek
Published: 25 March 2008 [Full text]

Characterization of intraocular immunopathology following intracameral inoculation with alloantigen
Daniel R. Saban, Ian A. Elder, Cuong Q. Nguyen, W. Clay Smith, Adrian M. Timmers, Maria B. Grant, Ammon B. Peck
Published: 226 March 2008 [Full text]

β1-6 branching of cell surface glycoproteins may contribute to uveal melanoma progression by up-regulating cell motility
Małgorzata Przybyło, Ewa Pocheć, Paweł Link-Lenczowski, Anna Lityńska
Published: 26 March 2008 [Full text]

Multiplex bead analysis of vitreous and serum concentrations of inflammatory and proangiogenic factors in diabetic patients
Richard Maier, Martin Weger, Eva-Maria Haller-Schober, Yosuf El-Shabrawi, Andreas Wedrich, Anna Theisl, Reingard Aigner, Alfred Barth, Anton Haas
Published: 27 March 2008 [Full text]

Increased mitochondrial DNA damage and down-regulation of DNA repair enzymes in aged rodent retinal pigment epithelium and choroid
Ai Ling Wang, Thomas J. Lukas, Ming Yuan, Arthur H. Neufeld
Published: 4 April 2008 [Full text]

Human retinal Müller cells synthesize collagens of the vitreous and vitreoretinal interface in vitro
Theodorus L. Ponsioen, Marja J.A. van Luyn, Roelofje J. van der Worp, Hendri H. Pas, Johanna M.M. Hooymans, Leonoor I. Los
Published: 26 March 2008 [Full text]

C677T polymorphism in the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene is associated with primary closed angle glaucoma
Shazia Michael, Raheel Qamar, Farah Akhtar, Wajid Ali Khan, Asifa Ahmed
Published: 26 March 2008 [Full text]

Anti-chaperone βA3/A1102-117 peptide interacting sites in human αB-crystallin
Guruprasad Rao, Puttur Santhoshkumar, K. Krishna Sharma
Published: 26 March 2008 [Full text]

A novel splice-site mutation of TULP1 underlies severe early-onset retinitis pigmentosa in a consanguineous Israeli Muslim Arab family
Anan H. Abbasi, Hanna J. Garzozi, Tamar Ben-Yosef
Published: 23 April 2008 [Full text]

Disease mechanism for retinitis pigmentosa (RP11) caused by missense mutations in the splicing factor gene PRPF31
Susan E. Wilkie, Veronika Vaclavik, Huimin Wu, Kinga Bujakowska, Christina F. Chakarova, Shomi S. Bhattacharya, Martin J. Warren, David M. Hunt
Published: 23 April 2008 [Full text]

In vitro analysis of promoter activity in Müller cells
Scott F. Geller, Phillip S. Ge, Meike Visel, John G. Flannery
Published: 23 April 2008 [Full text]

Cone and rod cells have different target preferences in vitro as revealed by optical tweezers
Robert J. Clarke, Kormákur Högnason, Michael Brimacombe, Ellen Townes-Anderson
Published: 21 April 2008 [Full text]

A novel locus for X-linked congenital cataract on Xq24
Jamie E. Craig, Kathryn L. Friend, Jozef Gecz, Kate M Rattray, Mark Troski, David A. Mackey, Kathryn P. Burdon
Published: 18 April 2008 [Full text]

A novel nonsense mutation in CRYBB1 associated with autosomal dominant congenital cataract
Juhua Yang, Yihua Zhu, Feng Gu, Xiang He, Zongfu Cao, Xuexi Li, Yi Tong, Xu Ma
Published: 18 April 2008 [Full text]

Five novel mutations of the FRMD7 gene in Chinese families with X-linked infantile nystagmus
Ningdong Li, Liming Wang, Lihong Cui, Li Zhang, Suzhen Dai, Hongyan Li, Xia Chen, Lina Zhu, James F Hejtmancik, Kanxing Zhao
Published: 21 April 2008 [Full text]

A genome-wide scan maps a novel autosomal dominant juvenile-onset open-angle glaucoma locus to 2p15-16
Ying Lin, Ting Liu, Jing Li, Jiyun Yang, Qiong Du, Junfang Wang, Yang Yang, Xiaoqi Liu, Yuanfu Fan, Fang Lu, Yilian Chen, Yonghong Pu, Kang Zhang, Xiangge He, Zhenglin Yang
Published: 21 April 2008 [Full text]

Telemetric monitoring of 24 h intraocular pressure in conscious and freely moving C57BL/6J and CBA/CaJ mice
Ruixia Li, John H.K. Liu
Published: 21 April 2008 [Full text]

Nonsense mutation in the CRYBB2 gene causing autosomal dominant progressive polymorphic congenital coronary cataracts
Fei-feng Li, Si-quan Zhu, Shu-zhen Wang, Chang Gao, Shang-zhi Huang, Meng Zhang, Xu Ma
Published: 24 April 2008 [Full text]

Comparative expression analysis of aquaporin-5 (AQP5) in keratoconic and healthy corneas
Yonathan Garfias, Alejandro Navas, Hector J. Pérez-Cano, Jonathan Quevedo, Leonardo Villalvazo, Juan Carlos Zenteno
Published: 25 April 2008 [Full text]

Differential expression of the catalytic subunits for PP-1 and PP-2A and the regulatory subunits for PP–2A in mouse eye
Wen-Bin Liu, Yong Li, Lan Zhang, He-Ge Chen, Shuming Sun, Jin-Ping Liu, Yun Liu, David Wan-Cheng Li
Published: 22 April 2008 [Full text]

Myocilin variations and familial glaucoma in Taxiarchis, a small Greek village
Mary K. Wirtz, Anastasios G. P. Konstas, John R. Samples, Kostantinos Kaltsos, Athanasios Economou, Antonios Dimopoulos, Irene Georgiadou, Michael B. Petersen
Published: 25 April 2008 [Full text]

Extreme retinal remodeling triggered by light damage: implications for age related macular degeneration
Robert E. Marc, B.W. Jones, C.B. Watt, F. Vazquez-Chona, D.K. Vaughan, D.T. Organisciak
Published: 25 April 2008 [Full text]

A proteome map of the zebrafish (Danio rerio) lens reveals similarities between zebrafish and mammalian crystallin expression
Mason Posner, Molly Hawke, Carrie LaCava, Courtney J. Prince, Nicholas R. Bellanco, Rebecca W. Corbin
Published: 25 April 2008 [Full text]

The function of filensin and phakinin in lens transparency
Mikako Oka, Hiroaki Kudo, Norio Sugama, Yuko Asami, Makoto Takehana
Published: 25 April 2008 [Full text]

Microphthalmia and cataract in rats with a novel point mutation in connexin 50 - L7Q
František Liška, Blanka Chylíková, Jindřich Martínek, Vladimír Křen
Published: 7 May 2008 [Full text]

Anticipation in familial lattice corneal dystrophy type I with R124C mutation in the TGFBI (BIGH3) gene
Pablo Romero, Marlene Vogel, Jose-Manuel Diaz, Maria-Patricia Romero, Luisa Herrera
Published: 7 May 2008 [Full text]

Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) enhances the molecular diagnosis of aniridia and related disorders
Egbert J.W. Redeker, Annette S.H. de Visser, Arthur A.B. Bergen, Marcel M.A.M. Mannens
Published: 7 May 2008 [Full text]

Leu432Val polymorphism in CYP1B1 as a susceptible factor towards predisposition to primary open-angle glaucoma
Ashima Bhattacharjee, Deblina Banerjee, Suddhasil Mookherjee, Moulinath Acharya, Antara Banerjee, Ananya Ray, Abhijit Sen, the Indian Genome Variation Consortium, Kunal Ray
Published: 8 May 2008 [Full text]

A novel GJA8 mutation causing a recessive triangular cataract
Werner Schmidt, Norman Klopp, Thomas Illig, Jochen Graw
Published: 9 May 2008 [Full text]

Lysyl oxidase-like protein 1 (LOXL1) gene polymorphisms and exfoliation glaucoma in a Central European population
Georg Mossböck, Wilfried Renner, Christoph Faschinger, Otto Schmut, Andreas Wedrich, Martin Weger
Published: 9 May 2008 [Full text]

Effects of N-acetylcysteine and glutathione ethyl ester drops on streptozotocin-induced diabetic cataract in rats
Shu Zhang, Fei-Yan Chai, Hong Yan, Yong Guo, JJ Harding
Published: 12 May 2008 [Full text]

Technical Brief: A novel strategy for enrichment of trabecular meshwork protease proteome
Renata Picciani, Anna K. Junk, Sanjoy K. Bhattacharya
Published: 14 May 2008 [Full text]

Decellularizing corneal stroma using N2 gas
Shiro Amano, Naoki Shimomura, Seiichi Yokoo, Kaoru Araki-Sasaki, Satoru Yamagami
Published: 14 May 2008 [Full text]

Association study of candidate genes for primary cataracts and fine-mapping of a candidate region on dog chromosome 1 in Entlebucher mountain dogs
Christina Müller, Ottmar Distl
Published: 15 May 2008 [Full text]

Effects of toxic cellular stresses and divalent cations on the human P2X7 cell death receptor
Mélody Dutot, Hong Liang, Thierry Pauloin, Françoise Brignole-Baudouin, Christophe Baudouin, Jean-Michel Warnet, Patrice Rat
Published: 15 May 2008 [Full text]

Mitochondrial superoxide dismutase activation with 17 β-estradiol-treated human lens epithelial cells
Srinivas Gottipati, Patrick R. Cammarata
Published: 16 May 2008 [Full text]

Psf2 plays important roles in normal eye development in Xenopus laevis
Brian E. Walter, Kimberly J. Perry, Lisa Fukui, Erica L. Malloch, Jason Wever, Jonathan J. Henry
Published: 19 May 2008 [Full text]

Mutations in the TOPORS gene cause 1% of autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa
Sara J. Bowne, Lori. S. Sullivan, Anisa I. Gire, David G. Birch, Dianna Hughbanks-Wheaton, John R. Heckenlively, Stephen P. Daiger
Published: 19 May 2008 [Full text]

The protective role of transferrin in Müller glial cells after iron-induced toxicity
Emilie Picard, Isabelle Fontaine, Laurent Jonet, Florian Guillou, Francine Behar-Cohen, Yves Courtois, Jean-Claude Jeanny
Published: 20 May 2008 [Full text]

Karyotype changes in cultured human corneal endothelial cells
Takashi Miyai, Yoko Maruyama, Yasuhiro Osakabe, Ryohei Nejima, Kazunori Miyata, Shiro Amano
Published: 19 May 2008 [Full text]

The Tg(ccnb1:EGFP) transgenic zebrafish line labels proliferating cells during retinal development and regeneration
Sean C. Kassen, Ryan Thummel, Christopher T. Burket, Laura A. Campochiaro, Molly J. Harding, David R. Hyde
Published: 19May 2008 [Full text]

Electromagnetic noise inhibits radiofrequency radiation-induced DNA damage and reactive oxygen species increase in human lens epithelial cells
Ke Yao, Wei Wu, KaiJun Wang, Shuang Ni, PanPan Ye, YiBo Yu, Juan Ye, LiXia Sun
Published: 19 May 2008 [Full text]

Age-dependent association of γ-crystallins with aged α-crystallins from old bovine lens
Larry Takemoto, Aldo Ponce, Christopher M. Sorensen
Published: 19 May 2008 [Full text]

Developmental profile of tissue plasminogen activator in postnatal Long Evans rat visual cortex
Sha Zheng, Zheng Qin Yin, Yu Xiao Zeng
Published: 28 May 2008 [Full text]

Nitric oxide, a survival factor for lens epithelial cells
Coral G. Chamberlain, Kylie J. Mansfield, Anna Cerra
Published: 28 May 2008 [Full text]

Relationship between pigment epithelium-derived factor (PEDF) and renal function in patients with diabetic retinopathy
Kayako Matsuyama, Nahoko Ogata, Masato Matsuoka, Chieko Shima, Mitsumasa Wada, Nobuo Jo, Miyo Matsumura
Published: 28 May 2008 [Full text]

Ocular biodistribution of bevasiranib following a single intravitreal injection to rabbit eyes
Nadine S. Dejneka, Shanhong Wan, Ottrina S. Bond, Douglas J. Kornbrust, Samuel J. Reich
Published: 28 May 2008 [Full text]

PKC putative phosphorylation site Ser235 is required for MIP/AQP0 translocation to the plasma membrane
Nady Golestaneh, Jianguo Fan, Peggy Zelenka, Ana B. Chepelinsky
Published: 29 May 2008 [Full text]

Identification of a novel GPR143 deletion in a Chinese family with X-linked congenital nystagmus
Pingtong Zhou, Zhiqiang Wang, Jing Zhang, Landian Hu, Xiangyin Kong
Published: 30 May 2008 [Full text]

PDGF-driven proliferation, migration, and IL8 chemokine secretion in human corneal fibroblasts involve JAK2-STAT3 signaling pathway
Neeraj Vij, Ajay Sharma, Mahesh Thakkar, Sunilima Sinha, Rajiv R. Mohan
Published: 30 May 2008 [Full text]

Upregulation of Copine1 in trabecular meshwork cells of POAG patients: a membrane proteomics approach
Yuehong Zhang, Qianying Gao, Shan Duan, Yuan He, Xuerong Sun, Ruzhang Jiang, Yongheng Duan, Xiufeng Zhong, Jian Ge
Published: 30 May 2008 [Full text]

LOXL1 genetic polymorphisms are associated with exfoliation glaucoma in the Japanese population
Kazuhiko Mori, Kojiro Imai, Akira Matsuda, Yoko Ikeda, Shigeta Naruse, Hisako Hitora-Takeshita, Masakazu Nakano, Takazumi Taniguchi, Natsue Omi, Kei Tashiro, Shigeru Kinoshita
Published: 5 June 2008 [Full text]

Down-regulation of Notch signaling during corneal epithelial proliferation
A.R. Djalilian, A. Namavari, A. Ito, S. Balali, A. Afshar, R.M. Lavker, B.Y. J. T. Yue
Published: 5 June 2008 [Full text]

Time course profiling of the retinal transcriptome after optic nerve transection and optic nerve crush
Marta Agudo, Maria Cruz Pérez-Marín, Ulrika Lönngren, Paloma Sobrado, Ana Conesa, Isabel Cánovas, Manuel Salinas-Navarro, Jaime Miralles-Imperial, Finn Hallböök, Manuel Vidal-Sanz
Published: 3 June 2008 [Full text]

Reconstruction of damaged cornea by autologous transplantation of epidermal adult stem cells
Xueyi Yang, Nicanor I. Moldovan, Qingmei Zhao, Shengli Mi, Zhenhui Zhou, Dan Chen, Zhimin Gao, Dewen Tong, Zhongying Dou
Published: 5 June 2008 [Full text]

Activation of nuclear factor-κB during retinal degeneration in rd Mice
Hui-yang Zeng, Mark O.M. Tso, Shenghan Lai, Hong Lai
Published: 10 June 2008 [Full text]

Identification of novel mutations in X-linked retinitis pigmentosa families and implications for diagnostic testing
John Neidhardt, Esther Glaus, Birgit Lorenz, Christian Netzer, Yün Li, Maria Schambeck, Mariana Wittmer, Silke Feil, Renate Kirschner-Schwabe, Thomas Rosenberg, Frans P.M. Cremers, Arthur A.B. Bergen, Daniel Barthelmes, Husnia Baraki, Fabian Schmid, Gaby Tanner, Johannes Fleischhauer, Ulrike Orth, Christian Becker, Erika Wegscheider, Gudrun Nürnberg, Peter Nürnberg, Hanno Jörn Bolz, Andreas Gal, Wolfgang Berger
Published: 6 June 2008 [Full text]

Proteomic surveillance of retinal autoantigens in endogenous uveitis: implication of esterase D and brain-type creatine kinase as novel autoantigens
Yoko Okunuki, Yoshihiko Usui, Takeshi Kezuka, Takaaki Hattori, Kayo Masuko, Hiroshi Nakamura, Kazuo Yudoh, Hiroshi Goto, Masahiko Usui, Kusuki Nishioka, Tomohiro Kato, Masaru Takeuchi
Published: 12 June 2008 [Full text]

Retinitis pigmentosa: mutation analysis of RHO, PRPF31, RP1, and IMPDH1 genes in patients from India
Mamatha Gandra, Venkataramana Anandula, Vidhya Authiappan, Srilekha Sundaramurthy, Rajiv Raman, Shomi Bhattacharya, Kumaramanickavel Govindasamy
Published: 14 June 2008 [Full text]

Genetic variations and plasma levels of gelatinase A (matrix metalloproteinase-2) and gelatinase B (matrix metalloproteinase-9) in proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Michal Beránek, Petr Kolar, Svatava Tschoplova, Katerina Kankova, Anna Vasku
Published: June 14 2008 [Full text]

P58IPK inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress in human retinal capillary endothelial cells in vitro
Bin Li, Dong Li, Gui-gang Li, Hao-wen Wang, Ai-xia Yu
Published: June 13 2008 [Full text]

Overexpression of a mutant form of TGFBI/BIGH3 induces retinal degeneration in transgenic mice
Mauro Bustamante, Andrea Tasinato, Fabienne Maurer, Ilhem Elkochairi, Mario G. Lepore, Yvan Arsenijevic, Thierry Pedrazzini, Francis L. Munier, Daniel F. Schorderet
Published: June 13 2008 [Full text]

Chordin-like 1, a bone morphogenetic protein-4 antagonist, is upregulated by hypoxia in human retinal pericytes and plays a role in regulating angiogenesis
Rosemary Kane, Catherine Godson, Colm O’Brien
Published: June 20 2008 [Full text]

The corneal endothelium in an endotoxin-induced uveitis model: correlation between in vivo confocal microscopy and immunohistochemistry
Liem Trinh, Françoise Brignole-Baudouin, Antoine Labbé, Mathilde Raphaël, Jean-Louis Bourges, Christophe Baudouin
Published: June 16 2008 [Full text]

Crystallin gene mutations in Indian families with inherited pediatric cataract
Ramachandran Ramya Devi, Wenliang Yao, Perumalsamy Vijayalakshmi, Yuri V. Sergeev, Periasamy Sundaresan, J. Fielding Hejtmancik
Published: June 16 2008 [Full text]

A mutation in GJA8 (p.P88Q) is associated with “balloon-like” cataract with Y-sutural opacities in a family of Indian origin
Vanita Vanita, Jai Rup Singh, Daljit Singh, Raymonda Varon, Karl Sperling
Published: June 17 2008 [Full text]

Rhythmic expression of an egr-1 transgene in rats distinguishes two populations of photoreceptor cells in the retinal outer nuclear layer
Pui-San Man, Tim Evans, David A. Carter
Published: June 20 2008 [Full text]

Distribution of basal membrane complex components in elongating lens fibers
Jeffrey Y. Lu, Tabraiz A. Mohammed, Sean T. Donohue, Kristin J. Al-Ghoul
Published: June 30 2008 [Full text]

A missense mutation in LIM2 causes autosomal recessive congenital cataract
Surya Prakash G. Ponnam, Kekunnaya Ramesha, Sushma Tejwani, Jyoti Matalia, Chitra Kannabiran
Published: June 23 2008 [Full text]

Microarray analysis of host gene expression for comparison between naïve and HSV-1 latent rabbit trigeminal ganglia
Christian Clement, Michael P. Popp, David C. Bloom, Gregory Schultz, Li Liu, Donna M. Neumann, Partha S. Bhattacharjee, James M. Hill
Published: July 03 2008 [Full text]

Mitomycin C induces apoptosis in cultured corneal fibroblasts derived from type II granular corneal dystrophy corneas
Tae-im Kim, Seung-il Choi, Hyung Keun Lee, Young Jae Cho, Eung Kweon Kim
Published: June 30 2008 [Full text]

Late-onset bilateral lens dislocation and glaucoma associated with a novel mutation in FBN1
Ting Deng, Bing Dong, Xiaohui Zhang, Hanjun Dai, Yang Li
Published: June 30 2008 [Full text]

An R124C mutation in TGFBI caused lattice corneal dystrophy type I with a variable phenotype in three Chinese families
Zhe Liu, Yi-qiang Wang, Qing-hua Gong, Li-xin Xie
Published: June 30 2008 [Full text]

Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 4G/5G gene polymorphism and primary open-angle glaucoma
Georg Mossböck, Martin Weger, Christoph Faschinger, Otto Schmut, Wilfried Renner
Published: July 04 2008 [Full text]

Patterns of crystallin distribution in porcine eye lenses
J. Keenan, D.F. Orr, B.K. Pierscionek
Published: July 04 2008 [Full text]

­Exfoliation syndrome and exfoliation glaucoma-associated LOXL1 variations are not involved in pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma
Kollu Nageswara Rao, Robert Ritch, Syril K. Dorairaj, Inderjeet Kaur, Jeffrey M. Liebmann, Ravi Thomas, Subhabrata Chakrabarti
Published: July 09 2008 [Full text]

The application of in vivo laser confocal microscopy to the diagnosis and evaluation of meibomian gland dysfunction
Yukihiro Matsumoto, Enrique Adan Sato, Osama M.A. Ibrahim, Murat Dogru, Kazuo Tsubota
Published: July 09 2008 [Full text]

A nonsense mutation in CRYGC associated with autosomal dominant congenital nuclear cataract in a Chinese family
Ke Yao, Chongfei Jin, Ning Zhu, Wei Wang, Renyi Wu, Jin Jiang, Xingchao Shentu
Published: July 09 2008 [Full text]

Analysis of conjunctival fibroblasts from a proband with Schnyder corneal dystrophy
Jodhbir S. Mehta, Eranga N. Vithana, Divya Venkataraman, Anandalakshmi Venkatraman, Rebekah Poh, Roger W. Beuerman, Tin Aung, Donald T.H. Tan
Published: July 09 2008 [Full text]

Protein-protein interactions between lens vimentin and αB-crystallin using FRET acceptor photobleaching
Shuhua Song, Mark J. Hanson, Bing-Fen Liu, Leo T. Chylack Jr., Jack J-N. Liang
Published: July 10 2008 [Full text]

Effects of Mirtogenol® on ocular blood flow and intraocular hypertension in asymptomatic subjects
Robert D Steigerwalt Jr, Belcaro Gianni, Morazzoni Paolo, Ezio Bombardelli, Carolina Burki, Frank Schönlau
Published: July 10 2008 [Full text]

CNGA3 mutations in two United Arab Emirates families with achromatopsia
Yachna Ahuja, Susanne Kohl, Elias I. Traboulsi
Published: July 10 2008 [Full text]

An atypical phenotype of Reis-Bücklers corneal dystrophy caused by the G623D mutation in TGFBI
Dandan Li, Yanhua Qi, Li Wang, Hui Lin, Nan Zhou, Liming Zhao
Published: July 11 2008 [Full text]

Lysyl oxidase-like 1 gene polymorphisms in Japanese patients with primary open angle glaucoma and exfoliation syndrome
Fumihiko Mabuchi, Yoichi Sakurada, Kenji Kashiwagi, Zentaro Yamagata, Hiroyuki Iijima, Shigeo Tsukahara
Published: July 14 2008 [Full text]

Evaluation of EGR1 as a candidate gene for high myopia
Tuo Li, Xueshan Xiao, Shiqiang Li, Yiqiao Xing, Xiangming Guo, Qingjiong Zhang
Published: July 15 2008 [Full text]

Molecular analysis of CHX10 and MFRP in Chinese subjects with primary angle closure glaucoma and short axial length eyes
Tin Aung, Marcus C.C. Lim, Tina T.L. Wong, Anbupalam Thalamuthu, Victor H.K. Yong, Divya Venkataraman, Anandalakshmi Venkatraman, Paul T.K. Chew, Eranga N. Vithana
Published: July 17 2008 [Full text]

Fine mapping of the GLC1K juvenile primary open-angle glaucoma locus and exclusion of candidate genes
A. Sud, E.A. Del Bono, J.L. Haines, J.L. Wiggs
Published: July 21 2008 [Full text]

NEIBank: Genomics and bioinformatics resources for vision research
Graeme Wistow, Katherine Peterson, James Gao, Patee Buchoff, Cynthia Jaworski, Catherine Bowes-Rickman, Jessica N. Ebright, Michael A. Hauser, David Hoover
Published: July 18 2008 [Full text]

Evaluation of LOXL1 polymorphisms in eyes with exfoliation glaucoma in Japanese
Nobuo Fuse, Akiko Miyazawa, Toru Nakazawa, MingGe Mengkegale, Takaaki Otomo, Kohji Nishida
Published: July 21 2008 [Full text]

Effects of dexamethasone on human lens epithelial cells in culture
A. Petersen, T. Carlsson, J-O. Karlsson, S. Jonhede, M. Zetterberg
Published: July 21 2008 [Full text]

Familial Wolfram syndrome due to compound heterozygosity for two novel WFS1 mutations
Juan Carlos Zenteno, Gabriela Ruiz, Hector J. Pérez-Cano, Mayra Camargo
Published: July 25 2008 [Full text]

A reproducible and quantifiable model of choroidal neovascularization induced by VEGF A165 after subretinal adenoviral gene transfer in the rabbit
Sylvie Julien, Florian Kreppel, Susanne Beck, Peter Heiduschka, Veronica Brito, Sven Schnichels, Stefan Kochanek, Ulrich Schraermeyer
Published: July 30 2008 [Full text]

Association of CFH, LOC387715, and HTRA1 polymorphisms with exudative age-related macular degeneration in a northern Chinese population
Yule Xu, Ning Guan, Jun Xu, Xiufen Yang, Kai Ma, Haiying Zhou, Feng Zhang, Torkel Snellingen, Yiqun Jiao, Xipu Liu, Ningli Wang, Ningpu Liu
Published: July 28 2008 [Full text]

Local and genetic determinants of vascular endothelial growth factor expression in advanced proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Mojca Globočnik Petrovič, Peter Korošec, Mitja Košnik, Joško Osredkar, Marko Hawlina, Borut Peterlin, Daniel Petrovič
Published: July 30 2008 [Full text]

Early noninvasive prenatal detection of a fetal CRB1 mutation causing Leber congenital amaurosis
Ana Bustamante-Aragones, Elena Vallespin, Marta Rodriguez de Alba, Maria Jose Trujillo-Tiebas, Cristina Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Dan Diego-Alvarez, Rosa Riveiro-Alvarez, Isabel Lorda-Sanchez, Carmen Ayuso, Carmen Ramos
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Joint effects of polymorphisms in the HTRA1, LOC387715/ARMS2, and CFH genes on AMD in a Caucasian population
Peter J Francis, Hong Zhang, Andrew DeWan, Josephine Hoh, Michael L Klein
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Monocular visual deprivation in Macaque monkeys: A profile in the gene expression of lateral geniculate nucleus by laser capture microdissection
Georgiana Cheng, Henry J. Kaminski, Bendi Gong, Lan Zhou, Denise Hatala, Scott J. Howell, Xiaohua Zhou, Michael J. Mustari
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Transcriptional regulatory network analysis during epithelial-mesenchymal transformation of retinal pigment epithelium
Craig H. Pratt, Rajanikanth Vadigepalli, Praveen Chakravarthula, Gregory E. Gonye, Nancy J. Philp, Gerald B. Grunwald
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Molecular characterization of Leber congenital amaurosis in Koreans
Moon-Woo Seong, Seong Yeon Kim, Young Suk Yu, Jeong-Min Hwang, Ji Yeon Kim, Sung Sup Park
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Transthyretin and complex protein pattern in aqueous humor of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
F. H. Grus, S. C. Joachim, S. Sandmann, U. Thiel, K. Bruns, K. J. Lackner, N. Pfeiffer
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

Analysis of the 3’ untranslated regions of α-tubulin and S-crystallin mRNA and the identification of CPEB in dark- and light-adapted octopus retinas
Shannan Kelly, Hideki Yamamoto, Laura J. Robles
Published: August 04 2008 [Full text]

S-antigen specific T helper type 1 response is present in Behcet’s disease
Changlin Zhao, Peizeng Yang, Hao He, Xiaomin Lin, Bing Li, Hongyan Zhou, Xiangkun Huang, Aize Kijlstra
Published: August 07 2008 [Full text]

Retraction: This review article was retracted; see Retraction.

Microarray analysis of choroid/RPE gene expression in marmoset eyes undergoing changes in ocular growth and refraction
Lilian Shelton, David Troilo, Megan R Lerner, Yuriy Gusev, Daniel J Brackett, Jody Summers Rada
Published: August 11 2008 [Full text]

Comprehensive analysis of CRP, CFH Y402H and environmental risk factors on risk of neovascular age-related macular degeneration
Ivana K. Kim, Fei Ji, Margaux A. Morrison, Scott Adams, Qingrun Zhang, Anne Marie Lane, Antonio Capone, Thaddeus P. Dryja, Jurg Ott, Joan W. Miller, Margaret M. DeAngelis
Published: August 11 2008 [Full text]

Lowered cortistatin expression is an early event in the human diabetic retina and is associated with apoptosis and glial activation
Esther Carrasco, Cristina Hernández, Inés de Torres, Jaume Farrés, Rafael Simó
Published: August 15 2008 [Full text]

A novel phenotype-genotype relationship with a TGFBI exon 14 mutation in a pedigree with a unique corneal dystrophy of Bowman’s layer
Catherine E. Wheeldon, Betina H. de Karolyi, Dipika V. Patel, Trevor Sherwin, Charles N.J. McGhee, Andrea L. Vincent
Published: August 18 2008 [Full text]

Apoptosis in the trabecular meshwork of glaucomatous patients
Jimena Baleriola, Julián García-Feijoo, José M. Martínez-de-la-Casa, Arturo Fernández-Cruz, Enrique J. de la Rosa, Raquel Fernández-Durango
Published: August 18 2008 [Full text]

Levels of vascular endothelial growth factor-A165b (VEGF-A165b) are elevated in experimental glaucoma
Ceren Ergorul, Arjun Ray, Wei Huang, Diane Darland, Zhonghui K. Luo, Cynthia L. Grosskreutz
Published: August 18 2008 [Full text]

Conjunctival mast cell as a mediator of eosinophilic response in ocular allergy
Dai Miyazaki, Takeshi Tominaga, Keiko Yakura, Chuan-Hui Kuo, Naoki Komatsu, Yoshitsugu Inoue, Santa J. Ono
Published: August 22 2008 [Full text]

Pro370Leu MYOC gene mutation in a large Chinese family with juvenile-onset open angle glaucoma: correlation between genotype and phenotype
Ye-Hong Zhuo, Yan-Tao Wei, Yu-Jing Bai, Shan Duan, Ming-Kai Lin, H. Uri Saragovi, Jian Ge
Published: August 22 2008 [Full text]

γ-Synuclein as a marker of retinal ganglion cells
Irina Surgucheva, Alejandra D. Weisman, Jeffrey L. Goldberg, Alexander Shnyra, Andrei Surguchov
Published: August 22 2008 [Full text]

Truncation of retinoschisin protein associated with a novel splice site mutation in the RS1 gene
Balázs Lesch, Viktória Szabó, Melinda Kánya, Balázs Varsányi, Gábor M. Somfai, János Hargitai, Rita Vámos, Orsolya Fiedler, Ágnes Farkas
Published: August 25 2008 [Full text]

Cyan fluorescent protein expression in ganglion and amacrine cells in a thy1-CFP transgenic mouse retina
Iona D. Raymond, Alejandro Vila, Uyen-Chi N. Huynh, Nicholas C. Brecha
Published: August 25 2008 [Full text]

Constitutive and UV-B modulated transcription of Nod-like receptors and their functional partners in human corneal epithelial cells
Szilvia Benko, Jozsef Tozser, Gabriella Miklossy, Aliz Varga, Janos Kadas, Adrienne Csutak, Andras Berta, Eva Rajnavolgyi
Published: August 29 2008 [Full text]

Comet assay analysis of single–stranded DNA breaks in circulating leukocytes of glaucoma patients
M Mozaffarieh, A Schoetzau, M Sauter, M Grieshaber, S Orgül, O Golubnitschaja, J Flammer
Published: August 29 2008 [Full text]

Microarray analysis of retinal gene expression in chicks during imposed myopic defocus
Ruth Schippert, Frank Schaeffel, Marita Pauline Feldkaemper
Published: August 31 2008 [Full text]

Subcellular compartmentalization of two calcium binding proteins, calretinin and calbindin-28 kDa, in ganglion and amacrine cells of the rat retina
Deb Kumar Mojumder, Theodore G. Wensel, Laura J. Frishman
Published: August 31 2008 [Full text]

Essential contribution of CCL3 to alkali-induced corneal neovascularization by regulating vascular endothelial growth factor production by macrophages
Peirong Lu, Longbiao Li, Yu Wu, Naofumi Mukaida, Xueguang Zhang
Published: September 5 2008 [Full text]

M6a is expressed in the murine neural retina and regulates neurite extension
Jing Zhao, Atsumi Iida, Yasuo Ouchi, Shinya Satoh, Sumiko Watanabe
Published: September 3 2008 [Full text]

HSV-1 infection suppresses TGF-β1 and SMAD3 expression in human corneal epithelial cells
Yuhong Nie, Dongmei Cui, Zhujuan Pan, Jiangyun Deng, Qiang Huang, Kaili Wu
Published: September 3 2008 [Full text]

Identification of candidate genes for human retinal degeneration loci using differentially expressed genes from mouse photoreceptor dystrophy models
Christina Demos, Mausumi Bandyopadhyay, Bärbel Rohrer
Published: September 5 2008 [Full text]

Molecular analysis of the PAX6 gene in Mexican patients with congenital aniridia: report of four novel mutations
Camilo E. Villarroel, Cristina Villanueva-Mendoza, Lorena Orozco, Miguel Angel Alcántara-Ortigoza, Diana F. Jiménez, Juan C. Ordaz, Ariadna González-del Angel
Published: September 8 2008 [Full text]

Primary congenital glaucoma localizes to chromosome 14q24.2-24.3 in two consanguineous Pakistani families
Sabika Firasat, S. Amer Riazuddin, J. Fielding Hejtmancik, Sheikh Riazuddin
Published: September 5 2008 [Full text]

Two novel myocilin mutations in a Chinese family with primary open-angle glaucoma
Xiaobing Xie, Xin Zhou, Xiying Qu, Jing Wen, Yanli Tian, Fang Zheng
Published: September 5 2008 [Full text]

The association of membrane frizzled-related protein (MFRP) gene with acute angle-closure glaucoma – a pilot study
I-Jong Wang, Shan Lin, Ting-Hsuan Chiang, Zoe Tzu-Yi Chen, Luke L.K. Lin, Por-Tying Hung, Yung-Feng Shih
Published: September 8 2008 [Full text]

A decrease in retinal progenitor cells is associated with early features of diabetic retinopathy in a model that combines diabetes and hypertension
Jacqueline Mendonça Lopes de Faria, Kamila Cristina Silva, Patrícia Aline Boer, Tiago Correa Cavalcanti, Mariana Aparecida Brunini Rosales, Ana Luiza Ferrari, José Butori Lopes de Faria
Published: September 11 2008 [Full text]

Lipoprotein(a), homocysteine, and retinal arteriosclerosis
Amir Ghorbanihaghjo, Alireza Javadzadeh, Hassan Argani, Nariman Nezami, Nadereh Rashtchizadeh, Mandana Rafeey, Mohammad Rohbaninoubar, Babak Rahimi-Ardabili
Published: September 15 2008 [Full text]

EDN1 Lys198Asn is associated with diabetic retinopathy in type 2 diabetes
Haitao Li, Janice W.C. Louey, Kwong Wai Choy, David T.L. Liu, Wai Man Chan, Yiu Man Chan, Nicholas S.K. Fung, Bao Jian Fan, Larry Baum, Juliana C.N. Chan, Dennis S.C. Lam, Chi Pui Pang
Published: September 15 2008 [Full text]

Mechanism of mitomycin-induced apoptosis in cultured corneal endothelial cells
Kwou-Yeung Wu, Hwei-Zu Wang, Show-Jen Hong
Published: September 15 2008 [Full text]

Genetics of Meesmann corneal dystrophy: a novel mutation in the keratin 3 gene in an asymptomatic family suggests genotype-phenotype correlation
Jacek P. Szaflik, Monika Ołdak, Radosław B. Maksym, Anna Kamińska, Agnieszka Pollak, Monika Udziela, Rafał Płoski, Jerzy Szaflik
Published: September 15 2008 [Full text]

Identification of candidate regions for a novel Usher syndrome type II locus
Imen Ben Rebeh, Zeineb Benzina, Houria Dhouib, Imen Hadjamor, Mustapha Amyere, Leila Ayadi, Khalil Turki, Bouthaina Hammami, Noureddine Kmiha, Hassen Kammoun, Bochra Hakim, Ilhem Charfedine, Miikka Vikkula, Abdelmonem Ghorbel, Hammadi Ayadi, Saber Masmoudi
Published: September 19 2008 [Full text]

Genetic analysis of the clusterin gene in pseudoexfoliation syndrome
Kathryn P. Burdon, Shiwani Sharma, Alex W. Hewitt, Amy E. McMellon, Jie Jin Wang, David A. Mackey, Paul Mitchell, Jamie E. Craig
Published: September 22 2008 [Full text]

Genes on bovine chromosome 18 associated with bilateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmos in German Brown cattle
S. Fink, S. Mömke, A. Wöhlke, O. Distl
Published: September 22 2008 [Full text]

Triamcinolone acetonide and anecortave acetate do not stimulate uveal melanoma cell growth
Mariam el Filali, Irene Homminga, Willem Maat, Pieter A. van der Velden, Martine J. Jager
Published: September 24 2008 [Full text]

Intraocular route of AAV2 vector administration defines humoral immune response and therapeutic potential
Qiuhong Li, Rehae Miller, Ping-Yang Han, Jijing Pang, Astra Dinculescu, Vince Chiodo, William W. Hauswirth
Published: September 24 2008 [Full text]

Changes in ocular aquaporin-4 (AQP4) expression following retinal injury
Adnan Dibas, Ming-Hui Yang, Shaoqing He, Joseph Bobich, Thomas Yorio
Published: September 25 2008 [Full text]

Mature retinal pigment epithelium cells are retained in the cell cycle and proliferate in vivo
Heba Al-Hussaini, Jaimie Hoh Kam, Anthony Vugler, Ma’ayan Semo, Glen Jeffery
Published: October 6 2008 [Full text]

Gene profiling and signaling pathways of Candida albicans keratitis
Xiaoyong Yuan, Bradley M. Mitchell, Kirk R. Wilhelmus
Published: September 26 2008 [Full text]

Investigation of eight candidate genes on chromosome 1p36 for autosomal dominant total congenital cataract
Kathryn P. Burdon, Kathryn Hattersley, Salil A. Lachke, Kate J. Laurie, Richard L. Maas, David A. Mackey, Jamie E. Craig
Published: September 30 2008 [Full text]

Differential protein expression in human corneal endothelial cells cultured from young and older donors
Cheng Zhu, Ian Rawe, Nancy C. Joyce
Published: September 30 2008 [Full text]

Tumor necrosis factor alpha-308 gene polymorphism and pseudoexfoliation glaucoma
Oya Tekeli, M. Erol Turacli, Yonca Egin, Nejat Akar, Atilla Halil Elhan
Published: September 30 2008 [Full text]

Tissue engineering of corneal stroma with rabbit fibroblast precursors and gelatin hydrogels
Tatsuya Mimura, Shiro Amano, Seiichi Yokoo, Saiko Uchida, Satoru Yamagami, Tomohiko Usui, Yu Kimura, Yasuhiko Tabata
Published: October 3 2008 [Full text]

Association of complement factor H Y402H polymorphism with phenotype of neovascular age related macular degeneration in Israel
Itay Chowers, Yoram Cohen, Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen, Joaquin Vicuna-Kojchen, Alejandro Lichtinger, Orly Weinstein, Ayala Pollack, Ruth Axer-Siegel, Itzhak Hemo, Edward Averbukh, Eyal Banin, Tal Meir, Michal Lederman
Published: October 8 2008 [Full text]

Role of αBI5 and αBT162 residues in subunit interaction during oligomerization of αB-crystallin
Raju Murugesan, Puttur Santhoshkumar, K. Krishna Sharma
Published: October 13 2008 [Full text]

Interleukin-1 gene polymorphisms and toxoplasmic retinochoroiditis
Cynthia A. Cordeiro, Paula R. Moreira, Germano C. Costa, Walderez O. Dutra, Wesley R. Campos, Fernando Oréfice, Antônio L. Teixeira
Published: October 12 2008 [Full text]

Mutation screening of HSF4 in 150 age-related cataract patients
Yuefeng Shi, Xiaohe Shi, Yiping Jin, Aizhu Miao, Lei Bu, Jianyong He, Haisong Jiang, Yi Lu, Xiangyin Kong, Landian Hu
Published: October 20 2008 [Full text]

Novel causative mutations in patients with Nance-Horan syndrome and altered localization of the mutant NHS-A protein isoform
Shiwani Sharma, Kathryn P. Burdon, Alpana Dave, Robyn V. Jamieson, Yuval Yaron, Frank Billson, Lionel Van Maldergem, Birgit Lorenz, Jozef Gécz, Jamie E. Craig
Published: October 20 2008 [Full text]

The flavonoid, fisetin, inhibits UV radiation-induced oxidative stress and the activation of NF-кB and MAPK signaling in human lens epithelial cells
Ke Yao, Li Zhang, YiDong Zhang, PanPan Ye, Ning Zhu
Published: October 20 2008 [Full text]

Isolation and characterization of βA3-crystallin associated proteinase from α-crystallin fraction of human lenses
O. P. Srivastava, K. Srivastava, J. M. Chaves
Published: October 20 2008 [Full text]

Increased SPARC expression in primary angle closure glaucoma iris
Jocelyn Chua, Li Fong Seet, YuZhen Jiang, Roseline Su, Hla Myint Htoon, Amanda Charlton, Tin Aung, Tina T. Wong
Published: October 20 2008 [Full text]

Identification of a genetic locus for autosomal dominant infantile cataract on chromosome 20p12.1-p11.23 in a Chinese family
Shirong Zhang, Mugen Liu, Jia Mei Dong, Ke Yin, Pengyun Wang, Juan Bu, Jing Li, Yan Sheng Hao, Ping Hao, Qing Kenneth Wang, Lejin Wang
Published: October 22 2008 [Full text]

LOXL1 variants in elderly Japanese patients with exfoliation syndrome/glaucoma, primary open-angle glaucoma, normal tension glaucoma, and cataract
Masaki Tanito, Masayoshi Minami, Masakazu Akahori, Sachiko Kaidzu, Yasuyuki Takai, Akihiro Ohira, Takeshi Iwata
Published: October 27 2008 [Full text]

A new mutation in BFSP2 (G1091A) causes autosomal dominant congenital lamellar cataracts
Xu Ma, Fei-Feng Li, Shu-Zhen Wang, Chang Gao, Meng Zhang, Si-Quan Zhu
Published: October 24 2008 [Full text]

ETS-1 and ETS-2 are upregulated in a transgenic mouse model of pigmented ocular neoplasm
G. De la Houssaye, V. Vieira, C. Masson, F. Beermann, J.L. Dufier, M. Menasche, M. Abitbol
Published: October 29 2008 [Full text]

Abnormal epithelial homeostasis in the cornea of mice with a destrin deletion
W. Zhang, J. Zhao, L. Chen, M. M. Urbanowicz, T. Nagasaki
Published: October 28 2008 [Full text]

Taurine suppresses the spread of cell death in electrically coupled RPE cells
Chandani Udawatte, Haohua Qian, Nancy J. Mangini, Brian G. Kennedy, Harris Ripps
Published: October 29 2008 [Full text]

Downregulation of LIM kinase 1 suppresses ocular inflammation and fibrosis
Matvey Gorovoy, Takahisa Koga, Xiang Shen, Zhengping Jia, Beatrice Y. Yue, Tatyana Voyno-Yasenetskaya
Published: October 30 2008 [Full text]

A missense mutation in the nuclear localization signal sequence of CERKL (p.R106S) causes autosomal recessive retinal degeneration
Manir Ali, Vedam Lakshmi Ramprasad, Nagasamy Soumittra, Moin D. Mohamed, Hussain Jafri, Yasmin Rashid, Michael Danciger, Martin McKibbin, Govindasamy Kumaramanickavel, Chris F. Inglehearn
Published: October 30 2008 [Full text]

Inhibition of retinal neovascularization by siRNA targeting VEGF165
Xiao-bo Xia, Si-qi Xiong, Wei-tao Song, Jie Luo, Yu-ke Wang, Rong-rong Zhou
Published: October 30 2008 [Full text]

Novel GPR143 mutations and clinical characteristics in six Chinese families with X-linked ocular albinism
Shaohua Fang, Xiangming Guo, Xiaoyun Jia, Xueshan Xiao, Shiqiang Li, Qingjiong Zhang
Published: October 30 2008 [Full text]

Gene regulation induced in the C57BL/6J mouse retina by hyperoxia: a temporal microarray study
Riccardo Natoli, Jan Provis, Krisztina Valter, Jonathan Stone
Published: October 31 2008 [Full text]

A novel Twinkle (PEO1) gene mutation in a Chinese family with adPEO
Zhirong Liu, Yao Ding, Ailian Du, Baorong Zhang, Guohua Zhao, Meiping Ding
Published: November 3 2008 [Full text]

Novel CYP1B1 mutations in consanguineous Pakistani families with primary congenital glaucoma
Sabika Firasat, S. Amer Riazuddin, Shaheen N. Khan, Sheikh Riazuddin
Published: November 3 2008 [Full text]

Anterior segment mesenchymal dysgenesis in a large Australian family is associated with the recurrent 17 bp duplication in PITX3
Kim M. Summers, Stephen J. Withers, Glen A. Gole, Sara Piras, Peter J. Taylor
Published: November 5 2008 [Full text]

Proteomic analysis of protein deposits on worn daily wear silicone hydrogel contact lenses
Zhenjun Zhao, Xiaojia Wei, Yulina Aliwarga, Nicole A. Carnt, Qian Garrett, Mark D.P. Willcox
Published: November 7 2008 [Full text]

Corneal endothelial integrity in aging mice lacking superoxide dismutase-1 and/or superoxide dismutase-3
Anders Behndig
Published: November 7 2008 [Full text]

Preferential gene expression in the limbus of the vervet monkey
Zhenhua Ding, Jun Dong, Jason Liu, Sophie X. Deng
Published: November 10 2008 [Full text]

The EPHA2 gene is associated with cataracts linked to chromosome 1p
Alan Shiels, Thomas M. Bennett, Harry L.S. Knopf, Giovanni Maraini, Anren Li, Xiaodong Jiao, J. Fielding Hejtmancik
Published: November 12 2008 [Full text]

Immunochemical detection of glycated lens crystallins and their circulating autoantibodies in human serum during aging
Mala Ranjan, Sujatha Nayak, Tanuja Kosuri, Beedu Sashidhar Rao
Published: November 17 2008 [Full text]

Identification of five novel mutations in the long isoform of the USH2A gene in Chinese families with Usher syndrome type II
Hanjun Dai, Xiaohui Zhang, Xin Zhao, Ting Deng, Bing Dong, Jingzhao Wang, Yang Li
Published: November 17 2008 [Full text]

PCNA interacts with Prox1 and represses its transcriptional activity
Xiaoren Chen, Tapan P. Patel, Vladimir I. Simirskii, Melinda K. Duncan
Published: November 17 2008 [Full text]

Different tropism of adenoviruses and adeno-associated viruses to corneal cells: implications for corneal gene therapy
J. Liu, M. Saghizadeh, S.S. Tuli, A.A. Kramerov, A.S. Lewin, D.C. Bloom, W.W. Hauswirth, M.G. Castro, G.S. Schultz, A.V. Ljubimov
Published: November 18 2008 [Full text]

Heterozygous expression of myocilin glaucoma mutants increases secretion of the mutant forms and reduces extracellular processed myocilin
José-Daniel Aroca-Aguilar, Francisco Sánchez-Sánchez, Francisco Martínez-Redondo, Miguel Coca-Prados, Julio Escribano
Published: November 21 2008 [Full text]

Association of −31T>C and −511 C>T polymorphisms in the interleukin 1 beta (IL1B) promoter in Korean keratoconus patients
So-Hee Kim, Jee-Won Mok, Hyun-Seok Kim, C.K. Joo
Published: November 21 2008 [Full text]

Feline immunodeficiency virus-mediated long-term transgene expression in undifferentiated retinal progenitor cells and its downregulation in differentiated cells
Branislava Janic, Xuxiang Zhang, Wei Li
Published: November 26 2008 [Full text]

Differential neuroglycan C expression during retinal degeneration in Rpe65−/− mice
Pascal Escher, Sandra Cottet, Saichiko Aono, Atsuhiko Oohira, Daniel F. Schorderet
Published: November 26 2008 [Full text]

Association between polymorphisms of FCRL3, a non-HLA gene, and Behçet’s disease in a Chinese population with ophthalmic manifestations
Ke Li, Min Zhao, Shengping Hou, Liping Du, Aize Kijlstra, Peizeng Yang
Published: November 28 2008 [Full text]

Serotonin levels in aqueous humor of patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
V. Zanon-Moreno, P. Melo, M.M. Mendes-Pinto, C.J. Alves, J.J. Garcia-Medina, I. Vinuesa-Silva, M.A. Moreno-Nadal, M.D. Pinazo-Duran
Published: November 28 2008 [Full text]

Müller and macrophage-like cell interactions in an organotypic culture of porcine neuroretina
Ivan Fernandez-Bueno, Jose Carlos Pastor, Manuel Jose Gayoso, Ignacio Alcalde, Maria Teresa Garcia
Published: November 28 2008 [Full text]

Repeated, noninvasive, high resolution spectral domain optical coherence tomography imaging of zebrafish embryos
Larry Kagemann, Hiroshi Ishikawa, Jian Zou, Puwat Charukamnoetkanok, Gadi Wollstein, Kelly A. Townsend, Michelle L. Gabriele, Nathan Bahary, Xiangyun Wei, James G. Fujimoto, Joel S. Schuman
Published: November 30 2008 [Full text]

Progressive damage along the optic nerve following induction of crush injury or rodent anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in transgenic mice
O. Dratviman-Storobinsky, M. Hasanreisoglu, D. Offen, Y. Barhum, D. Weinberger, N. Goldenberg-Cohen
Published: November 30 2008 [Full text]

Development of a rabbit corneal equivalent using an acellular corneal matrix of a porcine substrate
Yong-gen Xu, Yong-sheng Xu, Chen Huang, Yun Feng, Ying Li, Wei Wang
Published: November 30 2008 [Full text]

Neuroprotective effects of cannabidiol in endotoxin-induced uveitis: critical role of p38 MAPK activation
A.B. El-Remessy, Y. Tang, G. Zhu, S. Matragoon, Y. Khalifa, E.K. Liu, J-Y. Liu, E. Hanson, S. Mian, N. Fatteh, G.I. Liou
Published: December 3 2008 [Full text]

Full retraction of Kumar DM, Simpkins JW, Agarwal N. Estrogens and neuroprotection in retinal diseases. Mol Vis. 2008;14:1480-6. Review.
The Editors
Published: November 27 2008 [Full text]

A novel PITX2 mutation in a Chinese family with Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome
Dandan Li, Qingguo Zhu, Hui Lin, Nan Zhou, Yanhua Qi
Published: December 5 2008 [Full text]

Technical Brief: Subretinal injection and electroporation into adult mouse eyes
Christiana J. Johnson, Lennart Berglin, Micah A. Chrenek, T.M. Redmond, Jeffrey H. Boatright, John M. Nickerson
Published: December 5 2008 [Full text]

Double homozygous waltzer and Ames waltzer mice provide no evidence of retinal degeneration
Zubair M. Ahmed, Sten Kjellstrom, Ricky J. L. Haywood-Watson II, Ronald A. Bush, Lori L. Hampton, James F. Battey, Saima Riazuddin, Gregory Frolenkov, Paul A. Sieving, Thomas B. Friedman
Published: December 8 2008 [Full text]

Diffusible retinal secretions regulate the expression of tight junctions and other diverse functions of the retinal pigment epithelium
Ru Sun, Shaomin Peng, Xiang Chen, Heping Zhang, Lawrence J. Rizzolo
Published: December 8 2008 [Full text]

Sequence variants in HTRA1 and LOC387715/ARMS2 and phenotype and response to photodynamic therapy in neovascular age-related macular degeneration in populations from Israel
Itay Chowers, Tal Meir, Michal Lederman, Nitza Goldenberg-Cohen, Yoram Cohen, Eyal Banin, Edward Averbukh, Itzhak Hemo, Ayala Pollack, Ruth Axer-Siegel, Orly Weinstein, Josephine Hoh, Donald J. Zack, Tural Galbinur
Published: December 8 2008 [Full text]

Inhibitory effect of blocking TGF-β/Smad signal on injury-induced fibrosis of corneal endothelium
Takayoshi Sumioka, Kazuo Ikeda, Yuka Okada, Osamu Yamanaka, Ai Kitano, Shizuya Saika
Published: December 11 2008 [Full text]

Effect of carnosine, aminoguanidine, and aspirin drops on the prevention of cataracts in diabetic rats
Hong Yan, Yong Guo, Jie Zhang, Zhenghua Ding, Wenjing Ha, J.J. Harding
Published: December 11 2008 [Full text]

Effect of TNF-α on human ARPE-19-secreted proteins
Eunkyung An, Heather Gordish-Dressman, Yetrib Hathout
Published: December 11 2008 [Full text]

A novel mutation in BBS7 gene causes Bardet–Biedl syndrome in a Chinese family
Zhenglin Yang, Yang Yang, Peiquan Zhao, Kechun Chen, Bin Chen, Ying Lin, Fuqiang Guo, Yigong Chen, Xiaoqi Liu, Fang Lu, Yi Shi, Dingding Zhang, Shihuang Liao, Qingyou Xia
Published: December 12 2008 [Full text]

Reprogramming chick RPE progeny cells to differentiate towards retinal neurons by ash1
Weiming Mao, Run-Tao Yan, Shu-Zhen Wang
Published: December 12 2008 [Full text]

Clinical and genetic findings in Hungarian patients with X-linked juvenile retinoschisis
B. Lesch, V. Szabó, M. Kánya, G.M. Somfai, R. Vámos, B. Varsányi, Zs. Pámer, K. Knézy, Gy. Salacz, M. Janáky, M. Ferencz, J. Hargitai, A. Papp, Á. Farkas
Published: December 12 2008 [Full text]

In vivo biopsy by laser confocal microscopy for evaluation of traumatic recurrent corneal erosion
Tai-ichiro Chikama, Norihisa Takahashi, Makiko Wakuta, Naoyuki Morishige, Teruo Nishida
Published: December 15 2008 [Full text]

Voltage-dependent Ca2+ channels, not ryanodine receptors, activate Ca2+-dependent BK potassium channels in human retinal pigment epithelial cells
Sönke Wimmers, Claire Halsband, Sebastian Seyler, Vladimir Milenkovic, Olaf Strauß
Published: December 15 2008 [Full text]

Screening of common CYP1B1 mutations in Iranian POAG patients using a microarray-based PrASE protocol
Fatemeh Suri, Reza Kalhor, Seyed Jalal Zargar, Navid Nilforooshan, Shahin Yazdani, Hossein Nezari, Seyed Hassan Paylakhi, Mehrnaz Narooie-Nejhad, Behnaz Bayat, Tina Sedaghati, Afshin Ahmadian, Elahe Elahi
Published: December 18 2008 [Full text]

Evaluation of splicing efficiency in lymphoblastoid cell lines from patients with splicing-factor retinitis pigmentosa
Lenka Ivings, Katherine V. Towns, M.A. Matin, Charles Taylor, Frederique Ponchel, Richard J. Grainger, Rajkumar S. Ramesar, David A. Mackey, Chris F. Inglehearn
Published: December 18 2008 [Full text]

Optineurin coding variants in Ghanaian patients with primary open-angle glaucoma
Yutao Liu, Stephen Akafo, Cecile Santiago-Turla, Claudia S. Cohen, Karen R. LaRocque-Abramson, Xuejun Qin, Leon W. Herndon, Pratap Challa, Silke Schmidt, Michael A. Hauser, R. Rand Allingham
Published: December 18 2008 [Full text]

Bone morphogenetic protein-2: a potential regulator in scleral remodeling
Jianmin Hu, Dongmei Cui, Xiao Yang, Shaowei Wang, Shoulong Hu, Chuanxu Li, Junwen Zeng
Published: December 18 2008 [Full text]

Evaluation of LOXL1 polymorphisms in primary open-angle glaucoma in southern and northern Chinese
Wei Fen Gong, Sylvia W.Y. Chiang, Li Jia Chen, Pancy O.S. Tam, Li Yun Jia, Dexter Y.L. Leung, Yi Qun Geng, Clement C.Y. Tham, Dennis S.C. Lam, Robert Ritch, Ningli Wang, Chi Pui Pang
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Differential regulation of Dlg1, Scrib, and Lgl1 expression in a transgenic mouse model of ocular cancer
V. Vieira, G. de la Houssaye, E. Lacassagne, J.L. Dufier, J.P. Jaïs, F. Beermann,4 M. Menasche, M. Abitbol
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Proteomic analysis of regenerated rabbit lenses reveal crystallin expression characteristic of adult rabbits
Xialin Liu, Min Zhang, Yuhua Liu, Pratap Challa, Pedro Gonzalez, Yizhi Liu
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Expressed sequence tag analysis of guinea pig (Cavia porcellus) eye tissues for NEIBank
Mukoma F. Simpanya, Graeme Wistow, James Gao, Larry L. David, Frank J. Giblin, Kenneth P. Mitton
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Th1- and Th2-related chemokine and chemokine receptor expression on the ocular surface in endotoxin-induced uveitis
Liem Trinh, Françoise Brignole-Baudouin, Aude Pauly, Hong Liang, Marianne Houssier, Christophe Baudouin
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

The role of ACAID and CD4+CD25+FOXP3+ regulatory T cells on CTL function against MHC alloantigens
Daniel R. Saban, Janet Cornelius, Sharmila Masli, Johannes Schwartzkopff, Maire Doyle, Sunil K. Chauhan, Ammon B. Peck, Maria B. Grant
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Phosphorylated neurofilament heavy chain is a marker of neurodegeneration in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy (LHON)
John Guy, Gerry Shaw, Fred N. Ross-Cisneros, Peter Quiros, Solange R. Salomao, Adriana Berezovsky, Valerio Carelli, William J. Feuer, Alfredo A. Sadun
Published: December 19 2008 [Full text]

Identification of two novel OPA1 mutations in Chinese families with autosomal dominant optic atrophy
Yang Li, Ting Deng, Yi Tong, Shuling Peng, Bing Dong, Dacheng He
Published: December 29 2008 [Full text]

Identification of STRA6 and SKI sequence variants in patients with anophthalmia/microphthalmia
Tristan White, Tianyi Lu, Ravikanth Metlapally, James Katowitz, Femida Kherani, Tian-Yuan Wang, Khanh-Nhat Tran-Viet, Terri L. Young
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

Calnexin is not essential for mammalian rod opsin biogenesis
Maria Kosmaoglou, Michael E. Cheetham
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

Targeting retinal dopaminergic neurons in tyrosine hydroxylase-driven green fluorescent protein transgenic zebrafish
Shi Meng, Soojin Ryu, Bin Zhao, Dao-Qi Zhang, Wolfgang Driever, Douglas G. McMahon
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

Lack of association of polymorphisms in homocysteine metabolism genes with pseudoexfoliation syndrome and glaucoma
Bao Jian Fan, Teresa Chen, Cynthia Grosskreutz, Louis Pasquale, Douglas Rhee, Elizabeth DelBono, Jonathan L. Haines, Janey L. Wiggs
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

Human anterior chamber angle development without cell death or macrophage involvement
Beeran Meghpara, Xin Li, Hiroshi Nakamura, Ahsan Khan, Bassem A. Bejjani, Shan Lin, Deepak P. Edward
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

The neurovascular relation in oxygen-induced retinopathy
James D. Akula, Julie A. Mocko, Ilan Y. Benador, Ronald M. Hansen, Tara L. Favazza, Tanya C. Vyhovsky, Anne B. Fulton
Published: December 26 2008 [Full text]

Light-induced translocation of cyclic-GMP phosphodiesterase on rod disc membranes in rat retina
Jing Chen, Tatsuro Yoshida, Mark W. Bitensky
Published: December 29 2008 [Full text]

Topographical characterization of cone photoreceptors and the area centralis of the canine retina
Freya M. Mowat, Simon M. Petersen-Jones, Helen Williamson, David L. Williams, Philip J. Luthert, Robin R. Ali, James W. Bainbridge
Published: December 29 2008 [Full text]

Protective effects of (-)-epigallocatechin gallate on UVA-induced damage in ARPE19 cells
Chi-Ming Chan, Jheng-Hua Huang, Hsin-Huang Lin, Han-Sun Chiang, Bing-Huei Chen, Jing-Yin Hong, Chi-Feng Hung
Published: December 30 2008 [Full text]

Alternate serotype adenovector provides long-term therapeutic gene expression in the eye
Melissa M. Hamilton, Gordon A. Byrnes, Jason G. Gall, Douglas E. Brough, C. Richter King, Lisa L. Wei
Published: December 30 2008 [Full text]

MUC16 expression in Sjogren’s syndrome, KCS, and control subjects
Barbara Caffery, Elizabeth Joyce, Miriam L. Heynen, Lyndon Jones, Robert Ritter III, Daniel A. Gamache, Michelle Senchyna
Published: December 30 2008 [Full text]

Histone deacetylase inhibitors blocked activation and caused senescence of corneal stromal cells
Qingjun Zhou, Yao Wang, Lingling Yang, Ye Wang, Peng Chen, Yiqiang Wang, Xiaoguang Dong, Lixin Xie
Published: December 30 2008 [Full text]

Linkage analysis of high myopia susceptibility locus in 26 families
Sandrine Paget, Sophie Julia, Zulma G. Vitezica, Vincent Soler, François Malecaze, Patrick Calvas
Published: December 30 2008 [Full text]

Analysis of partner of inscuteable (mPins) expression in the developing mouse eye
B. Raji, A. Dansault, V. Vieira, G. de la Houssaye, E. Lacassagne, A. Kobetz, L. Arbogast, J.L. Dufier, J.B. Blumer, M. Menasche, M. Abitbol
Published: December 31 2008 [Full text]

Small ubiquitin-like modifier 4 (SUMO4) polymorphisms and Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada (VKH) syndrome in the Chinese Han population
Shengping Hou, Peizeng Yang, Liping Du, Hongyan Zhou, Xiaomin Lin, Xiaoli Liu, Aize Kijlstra
Published: December 31 2008 [Full text]

­­Presence and distribution of 14-3-3 proteins in human ocular surface tissues
Jwalitha Shankardas, Michelle Senchyna, Slobodan D. Dimitrijevich
Published: December 31 2008 [Full text]

Cationic nano-copolymers mediated IKKβ targeting siRNA inhibit the proliferation of human Tenon’s capsule fibroblasts in vitro
Yongheng Duan, Xipeng Guan, Jian Ge, Daping Quan, Yehong Zhuo, Hehua Ye, Tingting Shao
Published: December 31 2008 [Full text]

Glutamate receptor activation triggers OPA1 release and induces apoptotic cell death in ischemic rat retina
Won-Kyu Ju, James D. Lindsey, Mila Angert, Ankur Patel, Robert N. Weinreb
Published: December 31 2008 [Full text]

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