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Volume 21 (2015)

Cluster analysis of multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification data in choroidal melanoma
Rhydian Caines, Antonio Eleuteri, Helen Kalirai, Anthony C. Fisher, Heinrich Heimann, Bertil E. Damato, Sarah E. Coupland, Azzam F. G. Taktak
Published: 12 January 2015 [Full Text]

Attenuation of lysyl oxidase and collagen gene expression in keratoconus patient corneal epithelium corresponds to disease severity
Rohit Shetty, Arunapriya Sathyanarayanamoorthy, Reshma Airody Ramachandra, Vishal Arora, Anuprita Ghosh, Purnima Raman Srivatsa, Natasha Pahuja, Rudy M. M. A. Nuijts, Abhijit Sinha-Roy, Rajiv R. Mohan, Arkasubhra Ghosh
Published: 12 January 2015 [Full Text]

Transcriptional regulation of crystallin, redox, and apoptotic genes by C-Phycocyanin in the selenite-induced cataractogenic rat model
Rasiah Pratheepa Kumari, Srinivasagan Ramkumar, Bency Thankappan, Kalimuthusamy Natarajaseenivasan, Sadhasivam Balaji, Kumarasamy Anbarasu
Published: 14 January 2015 [Full Text]

Methodologies for analysis of patterning in the mouse RPE sheet
Jeffrey H. Boatright, Nupur Dalal, Micah A. Chrenek, Christopher Gardner, Alison Ziesel, Yi Jiang, Hans E. Grossniklaus, John M. Nickerson
Published: 15 January 2015 [Full Text]

Gene expression changes during retinal development and rod specification
Fiona C. Mansergh, Matthew Carrigan, Karsten Hokamp, G. Jane Farrar
Published: 20 January 2015 [Full Text]

Mutational analysis and genotype-phenotype correlations in southern Indian patients with sporadic and familial aniridia
Sushil Kumar Dubey, Nagasubramanian Mahalaxmi, Perumalsamy Vijayalakshmi, Periasamy Sundaresan
Published: 27 January 2015 [Full Text]

The effects of actomyosin disruptors on the mechanical integrity of the avian crystalline lens
Gah-Jone Won, Douglas S. Fudge, Vivian Choh
Published: 27 January 2015 [Full Text]

Localization of complement factor H gene expression and protein distribution in the mouse outer retina
Zeljka Smit-McBride, Sharon L. Oltjen, Roxana A. Radu, Jason Estep, Anthony T. Nguyen, Qizhi Gong, Leonard M. Hjelmeland
Published: 05 February 2015 [Full Text]

Ophthalmological phenotype associated with homozygous null mutation in the NEUROD1 gene
Orsolya Orosz, Miklós Czeglédi, Irén Kántor, István Balogh, Attila Vajas, Lili Takács, András Berta, Gergely Losonczy
Published: 05 February 2015 [Full Text]

Ocular Inflammation in HLA-B27 Transgenic Mice Reveals a Potential Role for MHC Class I in Corneal Immune Privilege
Aifeng Lin, Xiaoxin Guo, Robert D. Inman, Jeremy M. Sivak
Published: 06 February 2015 [Full Text]

Chondrogenesis in scleral stem/progenitor cells and its association with form-deprived myopia in mice
Pei-Chang Wu, Chia-Ling Tsai, Gabriel M. Gordon, Shinwu Jeong, Tatsuo Itakura, Nitin Patel, Songtao Shi, M. Elizabeth Fini
Published: 06 February 2015 [Full Text]

Ablation of Kcnj10 expression in retinal explants revealed pivotal roles for Kcnj10 in the proliferation and development of Müller glia
Eisuke Arai, Yukihiro Baba, Toshiro Iwagawa, Hiroshi Kuribayashi, Yujin Mochizuki, Akira Murakami, Sumiko Watanabe
Published: 07 February 2015 [Full Text]

CYP1B1 copy number variation is not a major contributor to primary congenital glaucoma
Emmanuelle Souzeau, Melanie Hayes, Jonathan B. Ruddle, James E. Elder, Sandra E. Staffieri, Lisa S. Kearns, David A. Mackey, Tiger Zhou, Bronwyn Ridge, Kathryn P. Burdon, Andrew Dubowsky, Jamie E. Craig
Published: 11 February 2015 [Full Text]

Associations of polymorphisms of LOXL1 gene with primary open-angle glaucoma: a meta-analysis based on 5,293 subjects
Mingyu Wu, Xiao-Yan Zhu, Jian Ye
Published: 13 February 2015 [Full Text]

Photoreceptor cells display a daily rhythm in the orphan receptor Esrrβ
Stefanie Kunst, Tanja Wolloscheck, Markus Grether, Patricia Trunsch, Uwe Wolfrum, Rainer Spessert
Published: 19 February 2015 [Full Text]

Observation of total VEGF level in hyperglycemic mouse eyes after intravitreal injection of the novel anti-VEGF drug conbercept
Liping Du, Hui Peng, Quan Wu, Meidong Zhu, Delun Luo, Xiao Ke, Peizeng Yang, Bo Lei
Published: 20 February 2015 [Full Text]

C596G mutation in FBN1 causes Marfan syndrome with exotropia in a Chinese family
Fengyun Wang, Bo Li, Lan Lan, Lin Li
Published: 23 February 2015 [Full Text]

ABCB1 transporter and Toll-like receptor 4 in trabecular meshwork cells
Algis Grybauskas, Tomoyo Koga, Paulius V. Kuprys, Michael Nolan, Ryan McCarty, Loyal Walker, Kelsey A. Green, William M. Norkett, Beatrice Y.J.T. Yue, Paul A. Knepper
Published: 05 March 2015 [Full Text]

NYX mutations in four families with high myopia with or without CSNB1
Lin Zhou, Tuo Li, Xiusheng Song, Yin Li, Hongyan Li, Handong Dani
Published: 05 March 2015 [Full Text]

MicroRNA-152 represses VEGF and TGFβ1 expressions through post-transcriptional inhibition of (Pro)renin receptor in human retinal endothelial cells
Rashidul Haque, Elizabeth H. Hur, Annie N. Farrell, P. Michael Iuvone, Jennifer C. Howell
Published: 07 March 2015 [Full Text]

Novel C8orf37 mutations cause retinitis pigmentosa in consanguineous families of Pakistani origin
Zeinab Ravesh, Mohammed E. El Asrag, Nicole Weisschuh, Martin McKibbin, Peggy Reuter, Christopher M. Watson, Britta Baumann, James A. Poulter, Sundus Sajid, Evangelia S. Panagiotou, James O’Sullivan, Zakia Abdelhamed, Michael Bonin, Mehdi Soltanifar, Graeme C.M. Black, Muhammad Amin-ud Din, Carmel Toomes, Muhammad Ansar, Chris F. Inglehearn, Bernd Wissinger, Manir Ali
Published: 07 March 2015 [Full Text]

Activation and quenching of the phototransduction cascade in retinal cones as inferred from electrophysiology and mathematical modeling
Luba Astakhova, Michael Firsov, Victor Govardovskii, Luba Astakhova, Michael Firsov, Victor Govardovskii
Published: 07 March 2015 [Full Text]

CFH Y402H polymorphism is associated with elevated vitreal GM-CSF and choroidal macrophages in the postmortem human eye
Jay Ching Chieh Wang, Sijia Cao, Aikun Wang, Eleanor To, Geoffrey Law, Jiangyuan Gao, Dean Zhang, Jing Z. Cui, Joanne A. Matsubara
Published: 13 March 2015 [Full Text]

Presence of rd8 mutation does not alter the ocular phenotype of late-onset retinal degeneration mouse model
Bhubanananda Sahu, Venkata R.M. Chavali, Akhila Alapati, John Suk, Dirk-Uwe Bartsch, Monica M. Jablonski, Radha Ayyagari
Published: 15 March 2015 [Full Text]

Analysis of rare variants in the CFH gene in patients with the cuticular drusen subtype of age-related macular degeneration
Maheswara R. Duvvari, Nicole T.M. Saksens, Johannes P.H. van de Ven, Yvonne de Jong-Hesse, Tina Schick, Willy M. Nillesen, Sascha Fauser, Lies H. Hoefsloot, Carel B. Hoyng, Eiko K. de Jong, Anneke I. den Hollander
Published: 15 March 2015 [Full Text]

Cytokine changes in tears and relationship to contact lens discomfort
Mark D.P. Willcox, Zhenjun Zhao, Thomas Naduvilath, Percy Lazon de la Jara
Published: 15 March 2015 [Full Text]

Novel homozygous large deletion including the 5′ part of the SPATA7 gene in a consanguineous Israeli Muslim Arab family
Anja-Kathrin Mayer, Muhammad Mahajnah, Ditta Zobor, Michael Bonin, Rajech Sharkia, Bernd Wissinger
Published: 15 March 2015 [Full Text]

Lens capsule structure assessed with atomic force microscopy
Vivian M. Sueiras, Vincent T. Moy, Noël M. Ziebarth
Published: 15 March 2015 [Full Text]

MiRNA-21 promotes fibrosis in orbital fibroblasts from thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy
Tong Bo-ding, Xiao Man-Yi, Zeng Jie-Xi, Xiong Wei
Published: 30 March 2015 [Full Text]

XRCC1 and XPD genetic polymorphisms and susceptibility to age-related cataract: A meta-analysis
Xin-Xin Chi, You-Yu Liu, Su-Ning Shi, Zhuang Cong, Yu-Qing Liang, Hui-Jun Zhang
Published: 30 March 2015 [Full Text]

Bestrophin-1 influences transepithelial electrical properties and Ca2+ signaling in human retinal pigment epithelium
Alan D. Marmorstein, Tyson R. Kinnick, J. Brett Stanton, Adiv A. Johnson, Ronald M. Lynch, Lihua Y. Marmorstein
Published: 01 April 2015 [Full Text]

Regulation of the hyperosmotic induction of aquaporin 5 and VEGF in retinal pigment epithelial cells: Involvement of NFAT5
Margrit Hollborn, Stefanie Vogler, Andreas Reichenbach, Peter Wiedemann, Andreas Bringmann, Leon Kohen
Published: 09 April 2015 [Full Text]

Simultaneous application of bevacizumab and anti-CTGF antibody effectively suppresses proangiogenic and profibrotic factors in human RPE cells
Abouzar Bagheri, Zahra-Soheila Soheili, Hamid Ahmadieh, Shahram Samiei, Nader Sheibani, Shamila Darvishalipour Astaneh, Mozhgan Rezaei Kanavi, Azam Mohammadian
Published: 10 April 2015 [Full Text]

Association of Dectin-1 and DC-SIGN gene single nucleotide polymorphisms with fungal keratitis in the northern Han Chinese population
Xiaoli Qu, Chengye Che, Ang Gao, Jing Lin, Nan Wang, Xing Du, Ying Liu, Yanli Guo, Wenjun Chen, Guiqiu Zhao
Published: 10 April 2015 [Full Text]

Topical administration of diminazene aceturate decreases inflammation in endotoxin-induced uveitis
Changwei Zheng, Chunyan Lei, Zihe Chen, Shijie Zheng, Hongxia Yang, Yiguo Qiu, Bo Lei
Published: 10 April 2015 [Full Text]

The link between apolipoprotein E, presenilin 1, and kinesin light chain 1 gene polymorphisms and age-related cortical cataracts in the Chinese population
Min Wu, Can Zheng, Rong-Di Yuan, Min Sun, Yan Xu, Jian Ye
Published: 10 April 2015 [Full Text]

Identification of inflammatory mediators in patients with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment associated with choroidal detachment
Ying Dai, Zhifeng Wu, Huiming Sheng, Zhengwei Zhang, Mengxi Yu, Qing Zhang
Published: 10 April 2015 [Full Text]

An alternative means of retaining ocular structure and improving immunoreactivity for light microscopy studies
Ning Sun, Brad Shibata, John F. Hess, Paul G. FitzGerald
Published: 16 April 2015 [Full Text]

Intracellular IL-4, IL-5, and IFN-γ as the main characteristic of CD4+CD30+ T cells after allergen stimulation in patients with vernal keratoconjunctivitis
Diana Magaña, Gustavo Aguilar, Marisela Linares, Julio Ayala-Balboa, Concepción Santacruz, Raúl Chávez, Sergio Estrada-Parra, Yonathan Garfias, Ricardo Lascurain, Maria C. Jiménez-Martínez
Published: 25 April 2015 [Full Text]

Label-free LC–MS/MS quantitative analysis of aqueous humor from keratoconic and normal eyes
Javier Soria, Alberto Villarrubia, Jesús Merayo-Lloves, Félix Elortza, Mikel Azkargorta, Juan Alvarez de Toledo, Iñaki Rodriguez-Agirretxe, Tatiana Suarez, Arantxa Acera
Published: 25 April 2015 [Full Text]

The efficacy of microarray screening for autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa in routine clinical practice
Ramon A. C. van Huet, Laurence H.M. Pierrache, Magda A. Meester-Smoor, Caroline C.W. Klaver, L. Ingeborgh van den Born, Carel B. Hoyng, Ilse J. de Wijs, Rob W. J. Collin, Lies H. Hoefsloot, B. Jeroen Klevering
Published: 28 April 2015 [Full Text]

Mutation analysis in 129 genes associated with other forms of retinal dystrophy in 157 families with retinitis pigmentosa based on exome sequencing
Yan Xu, Liping Guan, Xueshan Xiao, Jianguo Zhang, Shiqiang Li, Hui Jiang, Xiaoyun Jia, Jianhua Yang, Xiangming Guo, Ye Yin, Jun Wang, Qingjiong Zhang
Published: 28 April 2015 [Full Text]

Clinical presentations of X-linked retinoschisis in Taiwanese patients confirmed with genetic sequencing
Nan-Kai Wang, Laura Liu, Ho-Min Chen, Shawn Tsai, Tsong-Chi Chang, Tzu-Hsun Tsai, Chung-May Yang, An-Ning Chao, Kuan-Jen Chen, Ling-Yuh Kao, Ling Yeung, Lung-Kun Yeh, Yih-Shiou Hwang, Wei-Chi Wu, Chi-Chun Lai
Published: 28 April 2015 [Full Text]

Effect of HDAC Inhibitors on Corneal Keratocyte Mechanical Phenotypes in 3-D Collagen Matrices
Vindhya Koppaka, Neema Lakshman, W. Matthew Petroll
Published: 29 April 2015 [Full Text]

Optical coherence tomography enables imaging of tumor initiation in the TAg-RB mouse model of retinoblastoma
Andrea A. Wenzel, Michael N. O’Hare, Mehdi Shadmand, Timothy W. Corson
Published: 01 May 2015 [Full Text]

Protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B regulates the activity of retinal pigment epithelial cells
Zhao-dong Du, Li-ting Hu, Gui-qiu Zhao, Ying Li, Zhi-zhong Ma
Published: 01 May 2015 [Full Text]

Inactivation of acyclovir-sensitive and -resistant strains of herpes simplex virus type 1 in vitro by photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy
Miftahul Akhyar Latief, Taiichiro Chikama, Ji-Ae Ko, Yoshiaki Kiuchi, Takemasa Sakaguchi, Akira Obana
Published: 02 May 2015 [Full Text]

Third harmonic generation microscopy of a mouse retina
Omid Masihzadeh, Tim C. Lei, Scott R. Domingue, Malik Y. Kahook, Randy A. Bartels, David A. Ammar
Published: 02 May 2015 [Full Text]

Expression-associated polymorphisms of CAV1-CAV2 affect intraocular pressure and high-tension glaucoma risk
Sewon Kim, Kyunglan Kim, Dong Won Heo, Jong-Sung Kim, Chan Kee Park, Chang-sik Kim, Changwon Kang
Published: 11 May 2015 [Full Text]

A metabolomic approach to dry eye disorders. The role of oral supplements with antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids
Carmen Galbis-Estrada, Maria Dolores Pinazo-Durán, Sebastián Martínez-Castillo, José M. Morales, Daniel Monleón, Vicente Zanon-Moreno
Published: 11 May 2015 [Full Text]

RNA-seq identifies a role for the PPARβ/δ inverse agonist GSK0660 in the regulation of TNFα-induced cytokine signaling in retinal endothelial cells
Sara R. Savage, Gary W. McCollum, Rong Yang, John S. Penn
Published: 20 May 2015 [Full Text]

Keratoconus in vitro and the key players of the TGF-β pathway
Shrestha Priyadarsini, Tina B. McKay, Akhee Sarker-Nag, Dimitrios Karamichos
Published: 21 May 2015 [Full Text]

Interleukin-10 gene polymorphisms are associated with Behcet’s disease but not with Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome in the Chinese Han population
Jianmin Hu, Shengping Hou, Xueping Zhu, Jing Fang, Yan Zhou, Yunjia Liu, Lin Bai, Aize Kijlstra, Peizeng Yang
Published: 22 May 2015 [Full Text]

IGFBP-3 reduces eNOS and PKCzeta phosphorylation, leading to lowered VEGF levels
Qiuhua Zhang, Youde Jiang, Jena J. Steinle
Published: 22 May 2015 [Full Text]

Aqueous humor TGF-β2 levels in patients with open-angle glaucoma: A meta-analysis
Puneet Agarwal, Aqil Mohammad Daher, Renu Agarwal
Published: 25 May 2015 [Full Text]

Assumption-free estimation of the genetic contribution to refractive error across childhood
Jeremy A. Guggenheim, Beate St Pourcain, George McMahon, Nicholas J. Timpson, David M. Evans, Cathy Williams
Published: 26 May 2015 [Full Text]

Phenotypes of trypsin- and collagenase-prepared bovine corneal endothelial cells in the presence of a selective Rho kinase inhibitor, Y-27632
Chien-Chia Su, Chun-Wen Chen, Wei-Ting Ho, Fung-Rong Hu, Shwu-Huey Lee, I-Jong Wang
Published: 04 June 2015 [Full Text]

The expression of LGR5 in healthy human stem cell niches and its modulation in inflamed conditions
Claudia Curcio, Manuela Lanzini, Roberta Calienno, Rodolfo Mastropasqua, Giorgio Marchini
Published: 04 June 2015 [Full Text]

Levels of selected oxidative stress markers in the vitreous and serum of diabetic retinopathy patients
Vlatka Brzović-Šarić, Irena Landeka, Borna Šarić, Monika Barberić, Lidija Andrijašević, Branimir Cerovski, Nada Oršolić, Domagoj Đikić
Published: 12 June 2015 [Full Text]

Elevated LRP6 levels correlate with vascular endothelial growth factor in the vitreous of proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Xinxiao Gao, Kai Ma, Ning Lu, Yongsheng Xu, Tingting Hong, Xiaoyan Peng
Published: 12 June 2015 [Full Text]

Characterization of cells from patient-derived fibrovascular membranes in proliferative diabetic retinopathy
Leo A. Kim, Lindsay L. Wong, Dhanesh S. Amarnani, Alexander A. Bigger-Allen, Yang Hu, Christina K. Marko, Dean Eliott, Vinay A. Shah, Declan McGuone, Anat O. Stemmer-Rachamimov, Xiaowu Gai, Patricia A. D’Amore, Joseph F. Arboleda-Velasquez
Published: 12 June 2015 [Full Text]

Fasudil hydrochloride, a potent ROCK inhibitor, inhibits corneal neovascularization after alkali burns in mice
Peng Zeng, Rong-biao Pi, Peng Li, Rong-xin Chen, Li-mian Lin, Hong He, Shi-you Zhou
Published: 12 June 2015 [Full Text]

Vasodilatory mechanisms of unoprostone isopropyl in isolated porcine retinal arterioles
Ichiro Tanano, Taiji Nagaoka, Shinji Ono, Tsuneaki Omae, Shinichi Otani, Akitoshi Yoshida
Published: 12 June 2015 [Full Text]

The roles of signaling pathways in epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition of PVR
Zhenna Chen, Yan Shao, Xiaorong Li
Published: 24 June 2015 [Full Text]

Expression of WW domain–containing oxidoreductase WWOX in pterygium
Yi-Hsun Huang, Nan-Shan Chang, Sung-Huei Tseng
Published: 25 June 2015 [Full Text]

Intravitreal injection of forskolin, homotaurine, and L-carnosine affords neuroprotection to retinal ganglion cells following retinal ischemic injury
Rossella Russo, Annagrazia Adornetto, Federica Cavaliere, Giuseppe Pasquale Varano, Dario Rusciano, Luigi Antonio Morrone, Maria Tiziana Corasaniti, Giacinto Bagetta, Carlo Nucci
Published: 29 June 2015 [Full Text]

Sequence analysis of tyrosinase gene in ocular and oculocutaneous albinism patients: introducing three novel mutations
Faravareh Khordadpoor-Deilamani, Mohammad Taghi Akbari, Morteza Karimipoor, Gholamreza Javadi
Published: 10 July 2015 [Full Text]

Basal and apical regulation of VEGF-A and placenta growth factor in the RPE/choroid and primary RPE
Alexa Klettner, Leyla Kaya, Janina Flach, Jens Lassen, Felix Treumer, Johann Roider
Published: 10 July 2015 [Full Text]

Astrocytes in the optic nerve head express putative mechanosensitive channels
Hee Joo Choi, Daniel Sun, Tatjana C. Jakobs
Published: 14 July 2015 [Full Text]

Reduced macular function in ABCA4 carriers
Ulrika Kjellström
Published: 17 July 2015 [Full Text]

Nonsyndromic retinitis pigmentosa is highly prevalent in the Jerusalem region with a high frequency of founder mutations
Dror Sharon, Eyal Banin
Published: 17 July 2015 [Full Text]

Disruption of eyelid and cornea morphogenesis by epithelial β-catenin gain-of-function
Shin Mizoguchi, Kentaro Suzuki, Jianhua Zhang, Osamu Yamanaka, Chia-Yang Liu, Yuka Okada, Masayasu Miyajima, Masahide Kokado, Winston WY Kao, Gen Yamada, Shizuya Saika
Published: 31 July 2015 [Full Text]

Hesperetin prevents selenite-induced cataract in rats
Yosuke Nakazawa, Mikako Oka, Masayasu Bando, Makoto Takehana
Published: 31 July 2015 [Full Text]

Variable phenotypic expressivity in inbred retinal degeneration mouse lines: A comparative study of C3H/HeOu and FVB/N rd1 mice
DMichiel van Wyk, Sabine Schneider, Sonja Kleinlogel
Published: 31 July 2015 [Full Text]

Characterization of ex vivo cultured limbal, conjunctival, and oral mucosal cells: A comparative study with implications in transplantation medicine
Kamesh Dhamodaran, Murali Subramani, Nallathambi Jeyabalan, Murugeswari Ponnalagu, Priyanka Chevour, Reshma Shetty, Himanshu Matalia, Rohit Shetty, Sabina Evan Prince, Debashish Das
Published: 31 July 2015 [Full Text]

UV-blocking spectacle lens protects against UV-induced decline of visual performance
Jyh-Cheng Liou, Mei-Ching Teng, Yun-Shan Tsai, En-Chieh Lin, Bo-Yie Chen
Published: 06 August 2015 [Full Text]

New COL6A6 variant detected by whole-exome sequencing is linked to break points in intron 4 and 3′-UTR, deleting exon 5 of RHO, and causing adRP
Miguel de Sousa Dias, Imma Hernan, Barbara Delás, Beatriz Pascual, Emma Borràs, Maria José Gamundi, Begoña Mañé, Patricia Fernández-San José, Carmen Ayuso, Miguel Carballo
Published: 18 August 2015 [Full Text]

Splice-site mutations identified in PDE6A responsible for retinitis pigmentosa in consanguineous Pakistani families
Shahid Y. Khan, Shahbaz Ali, Muhammad Asif Naeem, Shaheen N. Khan, Tayyab Husnain, Nadeem H. Butt, Zaheeruddin A. Qazi, Javed Akram, Sheikh Riazuddin, Radha Ayyagari, J. Fielding Hejtmancik, S. Amer Riazuddin
Published: 18 August 2015 [Full Text]

Photobiomodulation with 670 nm light increased phagocytosis in human retinal pigment epithelial cells
Shinichiro Fuma, Hiromi Murase, Yoshiki Kuse, Kazuhiro Tsuruma, Masamitsu Shimazawa, Hideaki Hara
Published: 21 August 2015 [Full Text]

Clinical outcomes of 23-gauge vitrectomy may be better than 20-gauge vitrectomy for retinal detachment repair
Fei Xia, Ya-Qin Jiang
Published: 21 August 2015 [Full Text]

Programmed Death 1 (PD-1) is involved in the development of proliferative diabetic retinopathy by mediating activation-induced apoptosis
Mengyuan Fang, Qianli Meng, Haike Guo, Liya Wang, Zhaoxia Zhao, Liang Zhang, Jian Kuang, Ying Cui, Liping Mai, Jiening Zhu
Published: 21 August 2015 [Full Text]

Distinctive and pervasive alterations in aqueous humor protein composition following different types of glaucoma surgery
Cyril Rosenfeld, Marianne O. Price, Xianyin Lai, Frank A. Witzmann, Francis W. Price
Published: 25 August 2015 [Full Text]

EMT-associated factors promote invasive properties of uveal melanoma cells
Laura Asnaghi, Gülçin Gezgin, Arushi Tripathy, James T. Handa, Shannath L. Merbs, Pieter A. van der Velden, Martine J. Jager, J. William Harbour, Charles G. Eberhart
Published: 25 August 2015 [Full Text]

Experimental endostatin-GFP gene transfection into human retinal vascular endothelial cells using ultrasound-targeted cationic microbubble destruction
Yan Xu, Zongyuan Xie, Yu Zhou, Xiyuan Zhou, Pan Li, Zhigang Wang, Qunxia Zhang
Published: 25 August 2015 [Full Text]

GABAAα1 and GABAAρ1 subunits are expressed in cultured human RPE cells and GABAA receptor agents modify the intracellular calcium concentration
Zhen-Ying Cheng, Xu-Ping Wang, Katrina L. Schmid, Xu-Guang Han, Hui Song, Xin Tang
Published: 25 August 2015 [Full Text]

Possible association of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor genotypes and haplotypes with dry eye disease in a Han Chinese population
Guifang Ren, Huiyu Li, Wenben Qiao, Hua Shen, Yunlong Zhuang, Tiejun Shao, Haipeng Hu, Xiuping Zhang
Published: 25 August 2015 [Full Text]

Chromatin features, RNA polymerase II and the comparative expression of lens genes encoding crystallins, transcription factors, and autophagy mediators
Jian Sun, Shira Rockowitz, Daniel Chauss, Ping Wang, Marc Kantorow, Deyou Zheng, Ales Cvekl
Published: 28 August 2015 [Full Text]

Role of 5′TG3′-interacting factors (TGIFs) in Vorinostat (HDAC inhibitor)-mediated Corneal Fibrosis Inhibition
Ajay Sharma, Nishant R. Sinha, Saad Siddiqui, Rajiv R. Mohan
Published: 28 August 2015 [Full Text]

Association of gene polymorphism with serum levels of inflammatory and angiogenic factors in Pakistani patients with age-related macular degeneration
Fareeha Ambreen, Muhammad Ismail, Irfan Zia Qureshi
Published: 29 August 2015 [Full Text]

Gene expression regulation in retinal pigment epithelial cells induced by viral RNA and viral/bacterial DNA
Anton Brosig, Heidrun Kuhrt, Peter Wiedemann, Leon Kohen, Andreas Bringmann, Margrit Hollborn
Published: 31 August 2015 [Full Text]

Novel TMEM98 mutations in pedigrees with autosomal dominant nanophthalmos
David Khorram, Michael Choi, Ben R. Roos, Edwin M. Stone, Teresa Kopel, Richard Allen, Wallace L.M. Alward, Todd E. Scheetz, John H. Fingert
Published: 01 September 2015 [Full Text]

Inhibition of hypoxia inducible factor-1α downregulates the expression of epithelial to mesenchymal transition early marker proteins without undermining cell survival in hypoxic lens epithelial cells
Patrick R. Cammarata, Sudha Neelam, Morgan M. Brooks
Published: 01 September 2015 [Full Text]

Protective effects of the galectin-1 protein on in vivo and in vitro models of ocular inflammation
Caroline de Freitas Zanon, Nathália Martins Sonehara, Ana Paula Girol, Cristiane Damas Gil, Sonia Maria Oliani
Published: 02 September 2015 [Full Text]

Thinning of the RPE and choroid associated with T lymphocyte recruitment in aged and light-challenged mice
Serge Camelo, Bertrand Calippe, Sophie Lavalette, Elisa Dominguez, Justine Hur, Estelle Devevre, Xavier Guillonneau, William Raoul, Florian Sennlaub
Published: 02 September 2015 [Full Text]

Increased levels of extracellular ATP in glaucomatous retinas: Possible role of the vesicular nucleotide transporter during the development of the pathology
María J. Pérez de Lara, Ana Guzmán-Aránguez, Pedro de la Villa, Juan Ignacio Díaz-Hernández, María Teresa Miras-Portugal, Jesús Pintor
Published: 02 September 2015 [Full Text]

Glaucomatous MYOC mutations activate the IL-1/NF-κB inflammatory stress response and the glaucoma marker SELE in trabecular meshwork cells
Tatsuo Itakura, Donna M. Peters, M. Elizabeth Fini
Published: 17 September 2015 [Full Text]

Alterations in the RB1 gene in Pakistani patients with retinoblastoma using direct sequencing analysis
Saeeda Kalsoom, Muhammad Wasim, Sibtain Afzal, Muhammad Saqib Shahzad, Shaiqa Ramzan, Ali Raza Awan, Aftab Ahmed Anjum, Khushnooda Ramzan
Published: 17 September 2015 [Full Text]

Identification of novel PIKFYVE gene mutations associated with Fleck corneal dystrophy
Jessica A. Gee, Ricardo F. Frausto, Duk-Won D. Chung, Chulaluck Tangmonkongvoragul, Derek J. Le, Cynthia Wang, Jonathan Han, Anthony. J. Aldave
Published: 17 September 2015 [Full Text]

Survey of the nob5 mutation in C3H substrains
Bo Chang
Published: 19 September 2015 [Full Text]

Influence of posterior vitreous detachment and type of intraocular lens on lipid peroxidation in the human vitreous
Raffaele Nuzzi, Alessandro Marchese, Giulia Rossana Gulino, Elisabetta Versino, Dario Ghigo
Published: 20 September 2015 [Full Text]

Reconstruction of conjunctival epithelium-like tissue using a temperature-responsive culture dish
Qinke Yao, Mengyu Zhu, Junzhao Chen, Chunyi Shao, Chenxi Yan, Zi Wang, Xianqun Fan, Ping Gu, Yao Fu
Published: 20 September 2015 [Full Text]

C5a and toll-like receptor 4 crosstalk in retinal pigment epithelial cells
Yi Zhu, Bingling Dai, Yongguo Li, Hui Peng
Published: 29 September 2015 [Full Text]

Practicability confirmation by meta-analysis of intravitreal ranibizumab compared to photodynamic therapy to treat polypoidal choroidal vasculopathy
Ling Liu, Jie Ma, Ping Duan, Yong Liu, Zheng Qin Yin
Published: 03 October 2015 [Full Text]

KCC2 expression supersedes NKCC1 in mature fiber cells in mouse and rabbit lenses
Peter H. Frederikse, Chinnaswamy Kasinathan
Published: 13 October 2015 [Full Text]

Human tear analysis with miniaturized multiplex cytokine assay on “wall-less” 96-well plate
Xavier Le Guezennec, Joanne Quah, Louis Tong, Namyong Kim
Published: 13 October 2015 [Full Text]

TIMP1, TIMP2, and TIMP4 are increased in aqueous humor from primary open angle glaucoma patients
Esther L. Ashworth Briggs, Tze’Yo Toh, Rajaraman Eri, Alex W. Hewitt, Anthony L. Cook
Published: 13 October 2015 [Full Text]

Down-regulation of microRNA-155 attenuates retinal neovascularization via the PI3K/Akt pathway
Zhi Zhuang, Xiao- qin, He Hu, Shi-yuan Tian, Zhan-jun Lu, Tian-zi Zhang, Yu-ling Bai
Published: 13 October 2015 [Full Text]

Spectrum of germ-line RB1 gene mutations in Malaysian patients with retinoblastoma
Mohd Khairul Nizam Mohd Khalid, Yusnita Yakob, Rohani Md Yasin, Keng Wee Teik, Ch’ng Gaik Siew, Jamalia Rahmat, Sunder Ramasamy, Joseph Alagaratnam
Published: 14 October 2015 [Full Text]

Effects of ranibizumab on TGF-β1 and TGF-β2 production by human Tenon’s fibroblasts: An in vitro study
Siti Munirah Md Noh, Siti H. Sheikh Abdul Kadir, Jonathan G. Crowston, Visvaraja Subrayan, Sushil Vasudevan
Published: 14 October 2015 [Full Text]

Molecular analysis of the CHST6 gene in Korean patients with macular corneal dystrophy: Identification of three novel mutations
Shin Hae Park, Ye Jin Ahn, Hyojin Chae, Yonggoo Kim, Man Soo Kim, Myungshin Kim
Published: 26 October 2015 [Full Text]

Effects of chondrocyte-derived extracellular matrix in a dry eye mouse model
Chae Eun Kim, Ha Na Oh, Ji Hyun Lee, Jae Wook Yang
Published: 26 October 2015 [Full Text]

Crosslinked chitosan-dextran sulfate nanoparticle for improved topical ocular drug delivery
Wanachat Chaiyasan, Sangly P. Srinivas, Waree Tiyaboonchai
Published: 26 October 2015 [Full Text]

Transcriptome networks in the mouse retina: An exon level BXD RI database
Rebecca King, Lu Lu, Robert W. Williams, Eldon E. Geisert
Published: 26 October 2015 [Full Text]

Association of ZEB1 and TCF4 rs613872 changes with late onset Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy in patients from northern India
Ranjan Gupta, Babu Lal Kumawat, Preeti Paliwal, Radhika Tandon, Namrata Sharma, Seema Sen, Seema Kashyap, Tapas Chandra Nag, Rasik B. Vajpayee, Arundhati Sharma
Published: 30 October 2015 [Full Text]

Mutations in GRM6 identified in consanguineous Pakistani families with congenital stationary night blindness
Muhammad Asif Naeem, Alexander D. H. Gottsch, Inayat Ullah, Shaheen N. Khan, Tayyab Husnain, Nadeem H. Butt, Zaheeruddin A. Qazi, Javed Akram, Sheikh Riazuddin, Radha Ayyagari, J. Fielding Hejtmancik, S. Amer Riazuddin
Published: 31 October 2015 [Full Text]

Polymorphism in the RASGRF1 gene with high myopia: A meta-analysis
Ting Chen, Guangliang Shan, Jin Ma, Yong Zhong
Published: 14 November 2015 [Full Text]

The retinal phenotype of Grk1−/− is compromised by a Crb1rd8 mutation
Joseph S. Pak, Eun-Jin Lee, Cheryl Mae Craft
Published: 30 November 2015 [Full Text]

An intronic deletion in the PROM1 gene leads to autosomal recessive cone-rod dystrophy
Osnat Eidinger, Rina Leibu, Hadas Newman, Leah Rizel, Ido Perlman, Tamar Ben-Yosef
Published: 8 December 2015 [Full Text]

miRNA signature identification of retinoblastoma and the correlations between differentially expressed miRNAs during retinoblastoma progression
Yang Yang, Qi Mei
Published: 14 December 2015 [Full Text]

Differential expression of epithelial basement membrane components nidogens and perlecan in corneal stromal cells in vitro
Abirami Santhanam, Andre A. M. Torricelli, Jiahui Wu, Gustavo K. Marino, Steven E. Wilson
Published: 29 December 2015 [Full Text]

Mesenchymal–epithelial cell interactions and proteoglycan matrix composition in the presumptive stem cell niche of the rabbit corneal limbus
Keiko Yamada, Robert D. Young, Philip N. Lewis, Katsuhiko Shinomiya, Keith M. Meek, Shigeru Kinoshita, Bruce Caterson, Andrew J. Quantock
Published: 29 December 2015 [Full Text]

Analysis of functional polymorphisms in apoptosis-related genes in primary open angle glaucoma
Ewald Lindner, Wilfried Glatz, Christoph Schwab, Yosuf El-Shabrawi, Georg Mossböck
Published: 30 December 2015 [Full Text]

Optimization of immunostaining on flat-mounted human corneas
Fabien Forest, Gilles Thuret, Philippe Gain, Jean-Marc Dumollard, Michel Peoc’h, Chantal Perrache, Zhiguo He
Published: 30 December 2015 [Full Text]

Persistence of reduced expression of putative stem cell markers and slow wound healing in cultured diabetic limbal epithelial cells
Andrei A. Kramerov, Mehrnoosh Saghizadeh, Ezra Maguen, Yaron S. Rabinowitz, Alexander V. Ljubimov
Published: 30 December 2015 [Full Text]

Inhibition by a retinoic acid receptor γ agonist of extracellular matrix remodeling mediated by human Tenon fibroblasts
Yang Liu, Kazuhiro Kimura, Tomoko Orita, Katsuyoshi Suzuki, Shinichiro Teranishi, Takuya Mori, Koh-Hei Sonoda
Published: 31 December 2015 [Full Text]

Identification of presumed pathogenic KRT3 and KRT12 gene mutations associated with Meesmann corneal dystrophy
Judy L. Chen, Benjamin R. Lin, Katherine M. Gee, Jessica A. Gee, Duk-Won D. Chung, Ricardo F. Frausto, Sophie X. Deng, Anthony J. Aldave
Published: 31 December 2015 [Full Text]

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