Table 1 of Aki, Mol Vis 2012; 18:996-1003.

Table 1. A list of the synthetic peptides used for the experiment.

Group Sequence Peptide name Remarks column
Leu-Asp-Ala IQTGLD(Lα)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 Lα Figure 2
IQTGLD(Lβ)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 Lβ
IQTGLD(Dα)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 Dα
IQTGLD(Dβ)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 Dβ
TVLD(Lα)AGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SA Lα Figure 4
TVLD(Lβ)AGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SA Lβ
TVLD(Dα)AGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SA Dα
TVLD(Dβ)AGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SA Dβ
Leu-Asp-Y TVLD(Lα)SGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 Lα Figure 3
TVLD(Lβ)SGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 Lβ
TVLD(Dα)SGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 Dα
TVLD(Dβ)SGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 Dβ
TVLD(Lα)RGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SR Lα Figure 5
TVLD(Lβ)RGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SR Lβ
TVLD(Dα)RGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SR Dα
TVLD(Dβ)RGISEVR αA-crystallin T6 SR Dβ
X-Asp-Y MASD(Lα)HQTQAGK βB2-crystallin T1Lα Figure 6
MASD(Lβ)HQTQAGK βB2-crystallin T1Lβ
MASD(Dα)HQTQAGK βB2-crystallin T1Dα
MASD(Dβ)HQTQAGK βB2-crystallin T1Dβ
X-Asp-Ala IQTGLD(Lα)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 LR Lα Figure 7
IQTGLD(Dβ)ATHAER αA-crystallin T18 LR Dβ
NRKD(Lα)AEEWFNQK keratin 10 (mouse) 330–341Lα Figure 8
NRKD(Dβ)AEEWFNQK keratin 10 (mouse) 330–341Dβ