Figure 8 of Aki, Mol Vis 2012; 18:996-1003.

Figure 8. The reactivity of the peptide 3R antibody toward K10 peptide isomers’ Results of ELISA assay for determining the specificity of the anti-peptide 3R antibody using keratin 10 (residues 330–341 - NRKDAEEWFNQK), peptide isomers in which the 4 different Asp isomers were included. ELISAs were performed with a combination of a 100 times dilution for the first antibody and a 10,000 times dilution for the second antibody. The reactivity of the peptides can be expressed as a percentage using the reactivity toward T18 Dβ as 100%. (n=3, ±2σ [sigma]).