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Access to Molecular Vision:

There is no fee to access the Molecular Vision web site or to receive announcements through our mailing list (MV-ANN). We do not require a subscription or license to access the journal directly or indirectly as long as no attempt is made to obscure the source of the articles we publish or to resell the content.

Author Responsibilities, Licensing, and Copyrights:

Instructions for warranting author responsibilities and contributions are handled within the online submission system. Each and every author must personally answer these queries. Please assure that all author names and email addresses are correct and current when submitting your manuscript. Each author must have his/her own unique email address. The corresponding author is not authorized to answer on behalf of the other authors. US government employees must answer the same set of questions online as other authors. Errors at this step will greatly delay the completion of the submission process and block the review process.

Each author shall sign an online statement warranting that he/she authored the work, actively participated in the reported experiments, and he/she approves and agrees with representation of the data in the article. Each author shall warrant that the article is original, is not being considered for publication by another journal, and has not been previously published other than as an abstract.

Each author shall sign an online statement that, if the article is accepted for publication, the article and all supplementary materials will be made freely available online immediately with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives License 3.0, or CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (see for license terms). The authors retain copyright and grant Molecular Vision an irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual license to publish and distribute the article, in all formats now known or later developed, and to identify Molecular Vision as the original publisher.

Copying (Duplicating) Articles:

Molecular Vision articles may be freely copied, in whole or in part, for the purposes of education or research provided that (1) the copies include complete bibliographical information for the article, (2) the copied material is not republished, and (3) the copies are not sold.

Republication Requests:

For noncommercial use, permission to republish specific material is not required if the following procedures are followed. To wit: Republished material must include a citation to the original work in Molecular Vision and must not be changed from the original. See for license terms.

Articles authored by a student may be reproduced for inclusion in the student's thesis or dissertation, whether in an online repository at the student's institution or through a commercial service used by the student's institution. Such republications must include a citation to the original work in Molecular Vision and must not be changed from the original. They do not require further permissions from Molecular Vision for republication in a thesis or dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for an advanced scholarly degree. CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 (see for license terms) applies to derivative works other than the thesis or dissertation.

Commercial publishers shall ask permission from Molecular Vision to republish parts of an article. Specific directions are online at Commercial Permissions. The publisher also shall ask permission of The Authors directly.

Linking to Molecular Vision:

Molecular Vision welcomes links to its web site from anywhere on the web. We are particularly pleased to have libraries provide links to our site from within digital catalogs. Links to the journal as an entity should point to:


Links to particular articles within the journal should be of the form:


where V is the volume number and A is the article number (assigned sequentially as articles are published).

We request that people not create links to the journal other than to the locations specified above. This assures that we will not accidently break such links by making changes to file names.

MV-ANN Mailing List:

MV-ANN (Molecular Vision Announcements) is a low volume mailing list for the announcement of Molecular Vision publications or other news of interest to Molecular Vision readers. Information about subscribers is not sold, shared, or otherwise released (see our Privacy Statement). Subscription to MV-ANN is open to anyone.

MV-ANN subscribers are encouraged to manage their own subscriptions through the MV-ANN subscription form. Please try the form before contacting the list manager. If you have problems with the subscription form, please notify the list manager and include as much detail of the problem, as possible.

Management of MV-ANN is partially automated. Notably, the list software will automatically cancel a subscription if 20 "delivery" errors occur within two weeks. In rare cases, subscribers who experience a short term problem with email have had their subscription cancelled. If this happens to you, please understand that this was an automated event and simply resubscribe to MV-ANN. If this problem recurrs, contact the list manager to explore alternate solutions.

Privacy Statement:

Molecular Vision has a policy of collecting the least possible information about our readers that allows the journal to operate and provide services to our users (readers, authors, reviewers). Molecular Vision collects non-identifying information from users including IP (network) addresses and browser information. This information is used in analyzing use of the web site and determining what features are supported by reader's web browsers. IP addresses are also recorded when a visitor generates email from the Molecular Vision web site (as when submitting a review). Molecular Vision only collects identifying information from users that request personalized services. The details of this policy are subject to change to accommodate new services or changes to existing services.

Personally identifiable information collected:

Authors submitting manuscripts must provide their names, institutional affiliations, contact information, and other information related to the manuscript. Please refer to our Instructions to Authors for more details on this subject.

Persons subscribing to our announcement mailing list (MV-ANN) must provide their name and email address.

Persons placing classified advertisements with Molecular Vision must clearly identify themselves within the advertisement and provide valid contact information. Please refer to our Instructions to Advertisers for more details on this subject.


Molecular Vision does not require the use of cookies to read articles or to subscribe to MV-ANN.

Use of collected information:

Authors submitting manuscripts must provide their names, institutional affiliations, and contact information. Generally, this information is shown to reviewers as part of the review process. If the manuscript is accepted, names and affiliations are published with the manuscript. Unless the authors request otherwise, contact information is also published.

Subscribers to the MV-ANN mailing list receive an email notification when new articles are published in Molecular Vision. To send these messages, we must have a valid email address for the subscriber. Subscribers' names are only used in handling subscription requests for the list.

Information from persons submitting classified advertisements is published with the advertisement.

Molecular Vision does not sell or share personal information. Personal information is only published in the circumstances described above.

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