Table 1 of Lyubarsky, Mol Vis 2001; 7:71-78.

Table 1. Parameters of Cone-Driven Electroretinograms of WT and RGS9-1 -/- Mice

The top row identifies a measured or computed parameter of cone-driven ERGs. amax is the saturating amplitude of the a-wave component (cf. Figure 3D and Figure 4, red traces, and Figure 7). bmax is the saturating amplitude of the Gaussian-filtered b-wave, obtained under cone-isolation conditions (Figure 4A). SM and SUV are the relative sensitivities of the cone-driven b-wave in the midwave and UV spectral regions, as illustrated in Figure 5. These sensitivities specify the fraction of the saturated response generated per (photon mm-2) at the cornea. Thus, for the WT mouse, a 360 nm (UV) flash generates a peak fractional response of 3 x 10-5 or 0.003% per (photon mm-2) at the cornea. The ratio SUV/SM was determined separately for each animal. The errors given are standard deviations. *Data of C57BL/6 mice are taken from Table 1 of reference [9].

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