Typographical Corrections for Jablonski, Mol Vis 1999; 5:16.

The typographical corrections below were made to the article on the date noted. These changes have been incorporated in the article and the details are documented here.

16 August 1999:

In the Methods paragraph of the Abstract, an extra space was removed between the words "rds/ peripherin" yielding "rds/peripherin".

In paragraph 2 of the Introduction, the misspelling "disorganzied" was corrected to "disorganized".

In paragraph 4 of the Methods, the concatenated sentences:

...both rods and cones [33].Gold-conjugated secondary antibodies....

were corrected to:

...both rods and cones [33]. Gold-conjugated secondary antibodies....

In the caption of Figure 1, the words "Bar = 10 µm." were deleted.

In the caption of Figure 3, the words "Bar = 10 µm." were added.

In paragraph 4 of the Results, the reference to "Figure 4D" was corrected to "Figure 4C".

In paragraph 6 of the Discussion, the words:

...PR degeneration occurs via by a non-rds/peripherin related mechanism.

were corrected to:

...PR degeneration occurs via a non-rds/peripherin related mechanism.

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