Figure 5 of Johnson, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1228-1242.

Figure 5. Experimental data (as symbols, with standard error bars) and model fits (smooth curves) regarding the bioabsorption for zinc provided as zinc oxide derived from four tablets (red, 69.6 mg/day), two softgels capsules (blue, 69.6 mg/day), or one softgel capsule (orange, 34.8 mg/day). The data points are the average responses of the 15 subjects adjusted for any baseline drift over the course of the study. The model fits are the result of minimizing the errors between the data points and curves at the sampled times. Differences in responses are evident in the model-independent evaluations located in Table 2 and Table 3, the model-dependent visual comparisons, and the derived AUCs and percent absorbed located in Table 4. Note the abscissa for this figure is t1/2, so that the detail at the short time can be displayed.