Table 1 of Delyfer, Mol Vis 2005; 11:677-687.

Table 1. Oligonucleotides used for RT-PCR

This table lists all the oligonucleotides used for RT-PCR in this study with the corresponding annealing temperatures, PCR product lengths, and Genbank accession numbers.

                                               Annealing    Product    GenBank
                   Forward and reverse        temperature   length    accession
    Gene       primer sequences (5' to 3')       (°C)        (bp)      number       Application
------------   ----------------------------   -----------   -------   ---------   ----------------

ABCR           F: ACTTCACCCTCTACCTACCACAC         57          355     AF000149    Standard RT-PCR
               R: GAACAACCTTCACCACCAAGCC                                          (Figure 1F)

β-actin        F: AAAGACCTCTATGCCAACACAG          57          296     M12481      Standard and
               R: AAAGAAAGGGTGTAAAACGCAG                                          real time RT-PCR
                                                                                  (Figure 1F)

GDNF           F: ACCAGATAAACAAGCGGCAG            60          402     XM122804    Real time RT-PCR
               R: TCAGATACATCCACACCGTTTAG                                         (Figure 1B)

GFRα-1         F: GCAAGGAAACCAACTTCAGC            54          202     AF014117    Real time RT-PCR
               R: TCGTATGGGGAATCTTCCAG                                            (Figure 1C)

GFRα-1         F: GAAGATTCCCCATACGAGCC            60          535     AF014117    Standard RT-PCR
               R: TGCCAATCAGTCCCGAGTAG                                            (Figure 1F)

GFRα-2         F: CCTGAACGACAACTGCAAGA            50          246     AF002701    Real time RT-PCR
               R: CAGTTGGGCTTCTCCTTGTC                                            (Figure 1E)

GLAST          F: GAAGGGGAGGCAACCTGAAATGAG        56          287     D63816      Standard RT-PCR
               R: AAGGGGGAGTGGGAAAATGAAAA                                         (Figure 1F)

GLAST          F: GAAGTCTCCCAGACGTTCTAATCC        58          303     D63816      Real time RT-PCR
               R: GCTCTGAAACCGCCACTTACTATC                                        (Figure 2)

Ret            F: ATCCACACCTTCGGACTCAC            54          201     AF209436    Real time RT-PCR
               R: AACCCAGTGCTAGTGCCATC                                            (Figure 1D)

Ret            F: AGTATGCCAAGTATGGCTCTCTG         60          403     AF209436    Standard RT-PCR
               R: ACTCCAAAGGACCACACATCAC                                          (Figure 1F)

Rod arrestin   F: CTATTACGTCAAGCCTGTAGCC          56          434     M24086      Real time RT-PCR
               R: CATCCTCATCTTTCTTCCCTTC                                          (Figure 1A)

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