Figure 2 of Vazquez-Chona, Mol Vis 2005; 11:958-970.

Figure 2. Genetic networks controlling acute phase transcripts

Genetic networks were derived from transcripts sharing regulatory loci in mouse brains. As shown in Figure 1, acute phase transcripts Fos, Egr1, Nr4a1, Junb, Stat3, Id2, Crem, Ptpn16, and Scya3 are controlled by a genomic locus on Chromosome 12. We also showed in Table 2 that these transcripts are part of a common phase response to injury in retina, brain, and spinal cord. Transcripts genetically linked to the same regulatory loci and highly regulated in injured CNS are hypothesized to be part of a genetic network. In this diagram, lines connecting specific genes to loci represent a correlation between transcript expression and the regulatory locus. The diagram also illustrates two networks controlled by genomic loci on Chromosomes 6 and 14.

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