Figure 2 of Liang, Mol Vis 2004; 10:773-786.

Figure 2. Placement of RetinalExpress cDNAs/ESTs within hypothetical genes

The Rx clone number and the corresponding human ortholog name or chromosomal location are given to the left and above the putative gene structure for each gene. Gray boxes indicate predicted exons, and thick black lines underneath indicate the position of the RetinalExpress cDNA/EST sequences. The locations of the forward and reverse primers used to amplify transcripts from Rx-0612-84, Rx-2083-71, and Rx-3193-74 are indicated. Hypothetical genes are shown in Figure 3 (Rx-3201-21, RxHMG1), Figure 6 (Rx-0691-17), and Figure 7 (Rx-3132-51).

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