Figure 3 of Liang, Mol Vis 2004; 10:773-786.

Figure 3. Gene structure for LOC269389

RxHMG1 (Rx-3201-21) is located within hypothetical gene LOC269389, which encodes an HMG-box protein. A: Gene structures representing LOC269389. The top line is the predicted gene based on the revised Gnomon analysis of October 11, 2003, and the bottom line is the prediction from Genscan. The predicted gene structure based on RT-PCR analysis is shown by the middle line. Exons are shown as gray boxes. The colored lines underneath indicate the location of Rx-3201-21 (blue lines) and Rx-3132-64 (red lines). The PCR primers are indicated by arrows and the asterisks below exons 5 and 6 indicate the location of the HMG box. B: PCR products representing retinal transcripts of LOC269389. In lane 1, primers p1 and p2 yielded a 1.1 kb product; in lane 2, primers p2 and p3 yielded a 1.3 kb product; and in lane 3, primers p2 and p5 yielded a 1.4 kb product. Table 1 contains the sequences of the five primers used in this figure.

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