Figure 8 of Cerra, Mol Vis 2003; 9:689-700.

Figure 8. Effect of suramin on DNA content of the epithelial region of lenses cultured with a cataractogenic dose of TGFβ

Lenses from immature rats were cultured for 4 days without additions (O, control), with 200 μM suramin alone (S), with 1.2 ng/ml TGFβ (T), or with TGFβ plus suramin (TS). The epithelial region was then peeled away from the fiber mass, as described in the legend to Figure 2, solubilized and assayed for DNA. Each value represents the mean±SEM of the number of assays indicated in the bar. The asterisks indicate the only value that is significantly different from the control value, p<0.001.

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