Table 3 of Ruotolo, Mol Vis 2003; 9:538-548.

Table 3. Comparison between microarray hybridization and lens EST data

Unigene sequences in the GF211 filter, concordantly flagged in two independent normal lens epithelim (N-probe) hybridizations (see Materials and Methods, and Table 1 for details), were compared with unigene lens ESTs from the NEIBank (2,275 entries) and from the dbEST (2,329) Humal Lens cDNA libraries. A human fetal eye EST database (11,029 unigene sequences) was used as reference for this comparison. Since different numbers of ESTs are available in the different databases, the number of matches obtained from individual pairwise comparisons was normalized with respect to the lowest number of ESTs (2,275), as found in the NEIBank cDNA library.

                        EST Library
           NEIBank         dbEST
          human lens     human lens    dbEST human
         cDNA library   cDNA library    fetal eye
         ------------   ------------   -----------
Flag 0       23%            22%            12%
Flag 2       15%            15%            11%
Flag 3       22%            20%            11%

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