Table 1 of Ruotolo, Mol Vis 2003; 9:538-548.

Table 1. Concordant spots from two independent sets of pairwise hybridizations

Data refer to the total number of concordantly flagged spots obtained from independent N1 versus N2 and C1 versus C2 hybridizations carried out on filter 1 (N1 and C1) or 2 (N2 and C2). The total number of non-concordant spots was 532 and 725, for N-probe and C-probe hybridizations, respectively. Spots tagged as flag 3 in at least one of the two hybridizations (N1 versus N2, or C1 versus C2) are included in this flag pair class.

                Above background   Above background   Background
                 regular spots     irregular spots    level spots
                   (flag 0)           (flag 3)          (flag 2)
                ----------------   ----------------   -----------
hybridization         348                264             2,988
hybridization          92                 91             3,224

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