Figure 1 of Girao, Mol Vis 2003; 9:497-501.

Figure 1. 7-keto increases expression of differentiation markers for fiber cells

Immunodetection of MIP26 (A), CP49 (B) and p57KIP2 (D) in lens epithelial cells incubated with b-FGF or oxysterols, for 10 days. Lysates of LEC exposed to 100 ng/ml b-FGF (lane 2), or to 10 μg/ml cholesterol (lane 3), 7-keto (lane 4), or 25-OH (lane 5) for 10 days were western blotted and probed with A; polyclonal antibodies directed against MIP26, B; polyclonal antibodies directed against CP49, or D; polyclonal antibodies directed against p57KIP2. Control cells were incubated in the presence of ethanol 0.1% ethanol (lane 1). Actin (Figure 1C and Figure 1E) was used as a loading control. Results are representative of at least three separate experiments.

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