Figure 2 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2003; 9:301-307.

Figure 2. Phylogenetic tree of human ELOVL related polypeptides

The three yeast sequences ELO1-ELO3 are shown to group independently of Elovl sequences of other species. Of vertebrate Elovl1-Elovl3 sequences only mouse, human and selected teleost sequences are shown. The large Elovl4 group contains mammalian, other vertebrate, and invertebrate sequences retrieved from the GenBank or "cloned in silico" using the BLAST algorithm [22]. The sequences were aligned with ClustalW (Version 1.82) and viewed with Treeview (Version 1.6.6). The Elovl4 sequences are identical to those in Figure 1. Yeast group: NP_012339, yeast_elo1 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae); NP_009963, yeast_fen1 (ELO2); NP_013476, yeast_sur4 (ELO3). Elovl1 group: AAH06735, mus_elovl1; BAA91813, hum_elovl1. Elovl2 group: AAN77156, zebra_elovl2 (Danio rerio); AF465520.1, teleost_elovl2 (Scophthalmus maximus); AF170908, mus_Elovl2 (SSC2); 20138035, hum_Elovl2. Elovl3 group: 26006738, hum_elovl3 (ELO3); NP_031729, mus_elovl3 (gp30, cig30).

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