Figure 1 of Marcus, Mol Vis 2000; 6:169-177.

Figure 1. Ultrastructural features of APC-treated and normal mouse RPE

Panel A: Electron micrographs from embryonic day 18 APC 1638 mouse 3 demonstrating focal hyperplastic proliferation of the RPE with increased melanosomes. Panel B: Electron microscopic examination of a normal appearing region of the RPE by light microscopy from APC 1638 mouse 3 demonstrates no ultrastructural differences from a normal control mouse (mouse 1; panel C). Panel D: Electron micrographs from a 3 month old APC 1638 mouse (mouse 13) demonstrating atropic RPE with increased melanosome production compared to the (E) adjacent RPE from the same eye (Panel E). Panels F and G: Electron micrographs from four-month old APC 1638 mouse 15 (panel F) and control mouse 8 (panel G) demonstrating normal RPE and adjacent outer segments.

Magnifications: Panels A, D, and E, 1650x; Panels B, C, F, and G, 3550x


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