Figure 4 of Uchida, Mol Vis 5:1, 1999.

Figure 4. Application of 1 mM Co2+ in low Ca2+ superfusate during stimulation with 35 mM KCl.

Cells were superfused as described in the legend to Figure 3 and recorded at a frequency of 1 ratio/10 s. Substitution of 1 mM CoCl2 for CaCl2 in the superfusion medium (in the continuous presence of 35 mM K+) rapidly reduced the [Ca2+]in of depolarized photoreceptor cells. The [Ca2+]in increased again following the removal of Co2+ and the reintroduction of Ca2+. A pseudocolor animation of 2 photoreceptor cells treated with Co2+ as described above but recorded with an emission-ratio frequency of 1/min can be viewed in Figure 5.

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