Figure 3 of Uchida, Mol Vis 5:1, 1999.

Figure 3. Effect of a 20 min pulse of 35 mM KCl on [Ca2+]in of a superfused photoreceptor cell

Cells were continuously superfused with BSS (0-4 min; 24-31 min) or modified BSS containing 35 mM K+ (4-24 min), as described in Methods. Fluorescence emission ratios were obtained at 10 s intervals throughout the experiment. Depolarization induced a large increase of [Ca2+]in and this increase remained for as long as the elevated [K+]out was applied. The [Ca2+]in of the cell rapidly returned to basal levels when the high K+ BSS was washed out of the superfusion well. This type of response is representative of that recorded from 3 cells.

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