Figure 5 of Nickerson, Mol Vis 4:33, 1998.

Figure 5. Quenching titrations with trans-parinaric acid. Parinaric acid quenches the trp fluorescence in WT and the four repeats

The same assay conditions were employed as in Figure 1. The symbols and colors are the same as in Figure 1. Trans-Parinaric acid appears to bind specifically to each of the four repeats. Qualitatively, there may be some nonspecific binding of trans-parinaric acid to the proteins indicated by the linear decrease in fluorescence of the proteins in the 4 to 8 µM range of trans-parinaric acid concentration. However, in the 0 to 3 µM range, the binding exhibits a hyperbolic character suggesting a saturable component to the quenching curve. This is borne out by curve fitting. The error bars indicate the standard error of the mean.

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