Figure 6 of McGowan, Mol Vis 4:2, 1998.

Figure 6. Aldose reductase promoter constructs and luciferase reporter gene activities in a mouse lens epithelial cell line

Relative luciferase activities for mouse (A), rat (B), and human (C) AR promoter constructs are depicted where basal activity is represented by black boxes while osmotic-stress values are denoted by striped boxes. Values represent the mean of six independent transfections (unless otherwise noted in Table II), ± standard deviation indicated by error bars. Relative luciferase activity indicates absolute values from fluoresence emission normalized relative to control pSV ß-galactosidase transfection activity and represented as a percentage upon comparison of all promoter activities. Background luciferase activity (not shown) from the promoter-less pGL3 basic vector was negligible.

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