Figure 6 of Segovia, Mol Vis 3:9, 1997.

Figure 6. Membership of µ-crystallin in an enzyme superfamily

(a) Dot matrix comparison of amino acid sequences for gluTR from Salmonella typhimurium(26) (gtrst) and human µ-crystallin (muhu). Diagonal shows regions of similarity. Comparison drawn using DOTPLOT in the GCG package (27), window size 60, stringency 24.

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(b) Sequence comparison of the core conserved regions of gluTR, µ-crystallins and ornithine and lysine cyclodeaminases. Compared regions correspond to residues 122-208 of human and kangaroo µ-crystallin (see Figure 2b). GluTR sequences are: gtrec, Escherichia coli (28); gtrst, S. typhimurium (26); gtrbs, Bacillus subtilis (29); gtrvib, Chlorobium vibrioforme (30). µ-Crystallins are: muhu, human (9 and present study); muka, Grey kangaroo (Macropus fuliginosus) (9). Cyclodeaminase are: ocdach5, Agrobacterium tumefaciens, plasmid Ach5 (11); ocdc58, A.tumefaciens, plasmid C58 (10); lcd, lysine cyclodeaminase of Streptomyces hygroscopicus (20); ocdr, Rhizobium meliloti (31). Regions conserved among members of all three protein families are boxed. Other regions show more local conservation between pairs of families.

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