Figure 5 of Seigel, Mol Vis 3:14, 1997.

Figure 5. Analysis of Cell Death: Adherent & Non-Adherent Cells

The same conditions in Figure 3 were analyzed by trypan blue analysis to determine the percentage of dead cells in the entire population (to include both adherent and non-adherent cells). 72 hr conditioned medium was collected from death-induced and non-death-induced R28 cultures. Fresh R28 cultures were treated for 24 hr with serum-containing medium (DMEM); serumless/defined medium (Defined), heat-inactivated serumless/defined medium (Defined HI); conditioned medium from non-dying cells (CM non-dying); conditioned medium from death-induced cells (CM dying); and heat-inactivated conditioned medium from death-induced cells (CM HI). Error bars represent standard deviations.

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