Figure 3 of Seigel, Mol Vis 3:14, 1997.

Figure 3. Apoptotic Activity of Retinal Cell-Conditioned Medium

72 hr conditioned medium was collected from death-induced and non-death-induced R28 cultures. Fresh R28 cultures were treated for 24 hr with serum-containing medium (DMEM); serumless/defined medium (Defined), heat-inactivated serumless/defined medium (Defined HI); conditioned medium from non-dying cells (CM non-dying); conditioned medium from death-induced cells (CM dying); and heat-inactivated conditioned medium from death-induced cells (CM HI). Cells underwent TUNEL in situ analysis and were counted in ten groups of 100. This graph represents one of three separate experiments. Error bars represent standard deviations.

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