Appendix 1 of Dias, Mol Vis 2017; 23:131-139.

Appendix 1.

To access the data, click or select the words “Appendix 1.” Insertions/deletions (InDels) and single nucleotide variants (SNVs) identified by whole-exome sequencing after filtering dbSNP, single-nucleotide polymorphism database; MAF, minor allele frequency; EVS, exome variant server; Eur.Am., European American; Afr.Am., African American; ExAC, exome aggregation consortium; AFR, African; AMR, American; EAS, East Asian; SAS, South Asian; NFE, Non-Finnish European; FIN, Finnish; OTH, Other; SIFT, Sorting Intolerant from Tolerant; UCSC, UCSC Genome Browser.