Figure 7 of Kochounian, Mol Vis 2016; 22:213-223.

Figure 7. Localization of extracellular RGR-d and C5b-9 complement complex in basal deposits determined by double-labeling immunofluorescence in an RPE-choroid section from a 64-year-old female (same donor as in Figure 2). A: Basal deposits are immunoreactive with RGR-d-specific DE21 antibody and anti-rabbit IgG conjugated to FITC. B: Basal deposits are labeled with C5b-9 monoclonal antibody and anti-mouse IgG antibody conjugated to Cy3. C: The merged image with DAPI counterstain shows significant co-localization of RGR-d and C5b-9 in basal deposits (D). The arrowhead shows faint labeling of RGR-d in the basolateral plasma membrane. Scale bar, 10 μm.