Figure 3 of Markand, Mol Vis 2016; 22:1291-1308.

Figure 3. Axial length compared between IRBP KO and WT mice. From P5 to P10, we compared axial length. Axial length was measured with an LED micrometer. At P5–P7, the axial lengths were the same. From P8 and older, the axial length of the knockout (KO) mouse trended longer than that of the wild-type (WT) mouse by about 100 μm. By P10, the lengths were significantly different (p<0.05, two-way ANOVA and Tukey test). Sample numbers and groups are the same as in Figure 2. Error bars represent standard deviation. Nasotemporal and superior-inferior measurements are given in Figure 3B,C in Appendix 1.