Figure 2 of Frederikse, Mol Vis 2014; 20:1660-1667.

Figure 2. In situ indirect immunofluorescence detects PSD-95 in about 4-month-old rabbit and 28-day-old mouse lenses at the fiber cell borders, overlapping with additional neuronal membrane markers shown previously to be expressed at lens fiber cell membranes. Left panels: IF detection of PSD-95, tyrosine phosphatase STEP, CaMKIIα, clathrin, P-Tyr-NR2B, and Ca(V)1.3 in the rabbit lens histological sections (original magnification 600X). Merged views show dual fluorescence detection demonstrated in adjacent panels. Right panels: The top panel shows detection of PSD-95 in the mouse lens (original magnification: 200X). The three panels below demonstrate dual fluorescence detection of PSD-95 and clathrin in the mouse lens (original magnification: 600X). Negative controls with primary antibody are omitted since they appeared in Figure 1.