Figure 5 of Sharif, Mol Vis 2013; 19:1356-1370.

Figure 5. Effect of bradykinin (BK) and related peptides on total PG synthesis and secretion in h-CM and CHO-B2 cells. A: Concentration-dependent effects of various kinin peptides on PGs released from h-CM cells are shown. B: Those secreted by CHO-B2 cells are shown. These data are from a representative experiment for each cell type that were reproduced in several additional studies. The agonist potency values (EC50s, mean ± SEMs) obtained from three to six such experiments for h-CM cells and CHO-B2 cells are shown in Table 2. Agonist activity data for HOE140 and WIN-64338 are also listed in Table 2, and as expected, the latter antagonists on their own did not induce PGs release in either cell type.