Figure 3 of Lei, Mol Vis 2012; 18:103-113.

Figure 3. Confocal microphotographs of macrophages and microglial cells after 4 day feeding with different rod outer segments (ROS). Shown are laser-scanning confocal micrographs of macrophages and microglial cells fed with different ROSs. Microglial cells fed with no ROSs (control), bleached ROSs, unbleached ROSs, and HNE-modified ROSs are presented on the top row. Macrophages tested under the same conditions are presented on the bottom row. Each group demonstrates different extents of green-yellow autofluorescence at the FITC channel (excitation, 488 nm; detection, 530 nm). Panels marked as “HNE-ROS (A)” (middle panels) indicate microphotographs of cells fed with HNE-modified ROSs taken at an original magnification of 400×. All other photographs were taken with original magnification 200×. Scale bar=10 μm. Abbreviations are the same as in Figure 2.