Figure 5 of Zou, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1215-1225.

Figure 5. Interleukin-17A and interferon-γ production in corneas and serum during the first two days after infection or sham treatment. At 6, 12, 24, and 48 h post infection, the animals were sacrificed and the interleukin (IL)17A and interferon (IFN)γ in both serum and corneas were measured as described in the legend for Figure 4. Please note that no sham-infected corneas produced detectable IL17A at any time point in either strains. However, naïve mice of both strains had detectable baseline IFNγ production, and while sham treatment did not change the baseline level, Candida albicans keratitis (CaK) induction decreased IFNγ production to an undetectable level in the early phase. A: IL17 contents in corneas. B: IL17 concentrations in serum. C: IFNγ contents in corneas. D: IFNγ concentrations in serum. * p<0.05 (n=3) for comparison in these two strains.