Figure 4 of Zou, Mol Vis 2012; 18:1215-1225.

Figure 4. Interleukin-17A and interferon-γ production in corneas and serum during the first three weeks of Candida albicans keratitis induction. At different times post infection, the animals were sacrificed and sera were harvested. The corneas were removed using trephine and homogenized. The interleukin (IL)17A and interferon (IFN)γ in both serum and corneal homogenate were measured, and the amounts of cytokines in corneas were converted to the total amount in each cornea. A: IL17 contents in corneas. B: IL17 concentrations in serum. C: IFNγ contents in corneas. D: IFNγ concentrations in serum.* p<0.05 (n=3) for comparison in these two strains.