Figure 8 of Pendergrass, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2672-2684.

Figure 8. Comparisons of internal nuclei and fragment retention (gray columns) and opacity by slit lamp (dashed lines). The grades are for old individuals (80%–100% of maximum lifespan) from 8 strains from 5 species. C57BL/6 mice for nuclear retention grades: 9 eyes from 9×28 month-old mice; for opacity the average of 8 eyes (from 8 mice) at 24 months and 8 eyes (from8 mice) at 32 months. For the DBA mice: 8 eyes from 4×24 month old DBA mice/ For CBA mice: 7 eyes from 4×27 month-old CBA mice. Rats: 4 eyes from 4×31 month-old BNF1 rats, 8 eyes from 4×31 month-old Brown Norway rats (BN). Dogs: 10 eyes from 7 old dogs from 9 to 17 years, mean age=12 years, opacity in dogs not regularly noted at supplier site, although one noted to have cataract. Monkeys:16 eyes from 15 old female and male rhesus (19–38 years), mean=24 years opacity not regularly checked, but 2 individuals noted to have cataracts. Humans: 10 eyes from 7 elderly male and female human autopsies (64–88 years, mean=80 years). Opacity in humans was not regularly checked, but one individual was noted to have bilateral cataracts. Other details are as in the legend to Figure 1. For species life spans see Methods references.