Figure 1 of Pendergrass, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2672-2684.

Figure 1. Typical examples of Internal nuclei grades using C57BL/6 lens sections from mice of different ages stained with Dapi (white). A: Typical staining of 3 month old mice with normal internal nuclei pattern at the bow only. B: At 12 months the bows become extended inwards and anteriorly (grade=2.0). C: by 14 months of age the Bows accumulate even more nuclei and extend extensively underneath the anterior epithelium (grade=3.0). D: In old age, the interior nuclei may fill in the whole anterior outer cortex (grade=4.0). Staining was done on paraffin sections from whole eyes, cut through the middle (anterior to posterior) of the lens (see Methods). The non-lens portions of the section (retina, cornea, Iris) have been filled in with black for easier comparisons. Original magnification was 40×.