Figure 5 of Pendergrass, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2672-2684.

Figure 5. Age-related progressive change in internal nuclei grade and slit lamp opacity grade in C57BL/6 mice and 2 strains of rats. A: For C57BL/6mice the opacity grades and retained nuclei grades were determined using two separate cohorts of C57BL/6 mice, see Appendix 1. C57bl/6 mice eyes used for nuclei staining (cohort #1) included 8 eyes from 8 donors at 3 months of age; 5 eyes from 5 donors at 5 months; 4 eyes from 4 donors at 12 months; 4 eyes from 4 mice at 14 months, 9 eyes from 9 donors at 28 months. For C57BL/6 opacity measurements (cohort #2): 16 eyes from 8 donors at 8 months, 16 eyes from 8 donors at16 months; at 16 eyes from 8 donors at 24 months, ; 8 eyes, from 8 donors at 32 months. B: Age-related changes in BN rats determined for 8 eyes from 4×4 months old rats and 8 eyes from 4×31 month old rats. C: Age changes for BNF1 rats determined for 4 eyes from 4×4 months old, 4 eyes from 4×14 month-old rats, and 4 eyes from 4 mice at 31 months-old. Note that in the BNF1 the internal nuclei do not increase with age nor correlate to opacity grade, but in Brown Norway they do. Lines are fit by eye, and the regressions (R2) are for a logarithmic fit to the data unless otherwise stated. Error bars represent standard errors of the means. Other details are as described in legend to Figure 1.