Figure 1 of Chang, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1946-1956.

Figure 1. The preparation of intravitreal homocysteine-thiolactone (Hcy-T) injection is illustrated in A and retinal homocystinylation as confirmed by a semi-quantitative dot-blot analysis is shown in B and C. A: In each retinal section, the thickness measurement was made at two sites, located approximately 200 to 300 μm apart, on either side of the optic nerve. B: Dose-dependent retinal homocystinylation was observed on day 90 after injection. C: Quantification of relative intensity (pixels) on dot-blot membranes using an arbitrary unit of retinal homocystinylation as compared to that of the blank control. The sample size was 5 in all groups. The error bars indicate standard error of the means (SEMs).