Figure 2 of Chamberlain, Mol Vis 2009; 15:895-905.

Figure 2. Suppression of TGFβ-induced lens opacification by GSH: statistical analysis. Lenses were cultured with TGFβ with or without the addition of 10 mM GSH. The concentration of TGFβ was 0.3 ng/ml (A) or 1.75 ng/ml (B). Photomicrographs recorded on day 4 (A) or day 3 (B) as illustrated in Figure 1 were coded and ranked according to increasing severity of the opacification response. Box and whiskers plots are shown with arrows indicating the median value. The numbers inside the boxes indicate the number of lenses assessed in each case, and the p values indicate the significance of the difference between the two treatment groups (Mann–Whitney test). GSH, glutathione; T, TGFβ.