Figure 3 of Yeghiazaryan, Mol Vis 2009; 15:2339-2348.

Figure 3. Overview of protein expression profiling. The diagram demonstrates the overlap in molecular mechanisms among single pathologies according to the similarities in gene expression patterns in vascular deregulation (VD), normal-tension (NTG) and high-tension (HTG) glaucoma patients groups. Single disorders demonstrate some pathology-characteristic expressions marked by the corresponding symbol, e.g., NTG. Further, there are partial expression overlaps between two of three pathologies symbolized by the corresponding pair, e.g., NTG & HTG. The similarities among all three groups (NTG & HTG & VD) of comparison are considered as the central issue that this study is focused on. Altogether 34 genes that create this overlap are summarized in Table 3, providing the clue to the molecular pathomechanisms that potentially predispose vasospastic individuals to the glaucomatous pathology.