Figure 2 of Meghpara, Mol Vis 2008; 14:2492-2498.

Figure 2. Photomicrograph panel showing CD68 immunostaining visualized with DTAF and nuclei counterstained with DAPI. The developing trabecular meshwork and surrounding areas do not show CD68 positive cells (AG). Few CD68 positive cells, labeled in green, were observed in the iris stroma and anterior ciliary body from F10w through F18w (BE; arrowhead) and absent at later stages (F and G). Note positive CD68 staining (H) in the human liver dendritic cells (arrowhead). F, fetus; w, week; m, month; y, year; P: postnatal. The asterisk indicates the location of Schlemm’s canal. An arrow indicates an iridocorneal angle. Double arrows indicate the trabecular meshwork. Scale bar=50 μm. Panel D is enlarged in Figure 3A to clearly show positively stained macrophages. Eyes from other fetal or adult tissues/stages that are not shown in the panel did not show CD68 positive macrophages.