Table 1 of Amrite, Mol Vis 2008; 14:150-160.

Table 1. Model parameters used for simulations of retinal pharmacokinetics after periocular administration of celecoxib in rats as particulate formulations with particle sizes, 20 and 200 nm

Symbol Meaning Value (min−1)
K10 Elimination rate constant from periocular site 0.123
K12 Absorption rate constant for sclera-choroid-RPE (transfer compartment) 3.61E-04
K20 Elimination rate constant from the sclera-choroid-RPE (transfer compartment) 0.035
K23 Absorption rate constant for retina from the sclera-choroid-RPE (transfer compartment) 0.061
K30 Elimination rate constant form the retina 0.002
K34 Rate constant for transfer to the distribution compartment from the retina 0.045
K43 Rate constant for transfer to the retina from the distribution compartment 0.001
Krel Rate constant for the release of the drug from the formulation Different values used
Kelfor Rate constant for elimination of the formulation Value chosen based on the formulation.