Figure 4 of Defoe, Mol Vis 2007; 13:273-286.

Figure 4. Cellular and nuclear density and number of nuclei per cell in retinal pigment epithelium from 5 week-old wild-type and mutant mice

Measurements of (A) cellular and nuclear density and (B) percent uninucleated versus multinucleated cells were made using unstained flat-mounted tissues from p27+/+ and p27-/- animals as depicted in Figure 3 and counts normalized to an area of 50,000 mm2. Compared with wild-type tissues, the mutant epithelium exhibits a 100% increase in nuclear density, but only a 46% increase in cellular density. Consequently, mutant RPE cells contain a higher proportion of multinucleated cells (Graph of means±SEM for 7 replicates in each condition). Asterisk (*) indicates p<0.01 and double asterisks (**) indicates p<0.001 compared to wild-type.

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