Figure 2 of Meij, Mol Vis 2007; 13:2012-2018.

Figure 2. Corneal haze in Lum-/- and Lum-/-/Kera-Lum (Lum-/-/TG) mice

The same CMTF scans as used for Figure 1 were analyzed for stromal light scattering as described in Methods. Symbols represent the average of six scans (three per eye) per individual Lum-/- mouse (open symbol) and Lum-/-/Kera-Lum mouse (closed symbol). Horizontal lines respresent the mean values per group: 1,116±55.2 nm, Lum-/-; 927.6±43.7 nm, Lum-/-/Kera-Lum; 489.1±28.6 nm, WT (not shown). The hash mark indicates significance (p<0.02) versus Lum-/- (t-test with Welch's correction).

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