Figure 1 of Meij, Mol Vis 2007; 13:2012-2018.

Figure 1. Corneal thickness in Lum-/-, Lum-/-/Kera-Lum (Lum-/-/TG), and WT mice

Thickness of corneal epithelial (A) and stromal (B) layers in Lum-/-, Lum-/-/Kera-Lum (Lum-/-/TG), and WT mice are shown. Mice were anesthetized and the central corneas were scanned by confocal microscopy through focusing (CMTF) as described in Methods. Data represent the mean±SEM of six scans per mouse (three per eye) of 14 Lum-/-, 21 Lum-/-/Kera-Lum, and seven WT mice. Reexpression of lumican in Lum-/- partially rescued the epithelial thickness in comparison to WT and Lum-/-/Kera-Lum versus Lum-/-; however, no significant improvement of stromal thickness could be determined comparing Lum-/-/Kera-Lum to Lum-/-. Both epithelial and stromal thickness are more reduced in Lum-/- and Lum-/-/Kera-Lum than in wild type mice. The asterisk indictates significannce (p<0.05) versus WT; The hash mark indicates significannce (p<0.05) versus Lum-/- (ANOVA, Newman-Keuls test).

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