Figure 4 of Zaghloul, Mol Vis 2007; 13:86-95.

Figure 4. Altered Pax6 levels/activity differentially affect amacrine cell subtypes

pax6 gain-of-function (dark yellow bars) and loss-of-function (dnpax6, light yellow bars) were induced at early (St. 12) and late (St. 16) eye field stages, and analyzed as in Figure 3. pax6 gain-of-function at either eye field stage significantly reduced the D1.1.1 contribution to DA amacrine cells, whereas it only affected NPY cells at stage 12. pax6 loss-of-function at both stages significantly increased GABA cells and significantly decreased DA cells. NPY amacrine cells were not significantly affected by pax6 loss-of-function at either stage.

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