Figure 5 of Fukushima, Mol Vis 2006; 12:310-317.

Figure 5. Effects of anti-VLA-4 and anti-VCAM-1 antibodies on passively induced EC: eosinophil counting

The eosinophils in the lamina propriae shown in Figure 4 were counted, and the data are presented as the mean number of eosinophils/mm2. Note that compared to the nrIgG treatment, the number of eosinophils was significantly decreased by the treatment with anti-VLA-4 antibody alone and both anti-VLA-4 and anti-VCAM-1 antibodies (indicated as "both" in the Figure). The asterisk indicates a significant difference for the comparison of anti-VLA-4 treatments to nrIgG treatments (p<0.05); the double asterisks indicate a significant difference for the comparison of "both" treatments to nrIgG treatments (p<0.01). Error bars represent the standard error of the mean.

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