Table 2 of Pelzel, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1272-1282.

Table 2. Quantitative analysis of RNase protection assays

Ratios of rod to red/green cone opsin in trephined samples of retina taken from the macula, periphery, and mid-periphery of both eyes of the monkey analyzed in Figure 3 are shown. The ratio of the control eye (RC) indicates an increasing proportion of rod mRNA to cone mRNA as the retina is sampled from the macula to the periphery. The ratios of the same regions harvested from the glaucomatous eye of this monkey (RE) are larger in the macula and mid-periphery. Based on in situ hybridization results, we predict that this increase is due to a loss of red/green cone mRNA and not an increase in rod opsin mRNA. The fold change in the ratios for each region (calculated as RE/RC) are also shown. The greatest change in the RE/RC is typically found in the mid-peripheral retina.

                        RC                      RE
   Region       (Rod:Red/Green Cone)   (Rod:Red/Green Cone)
-------------   --------------------   --------------------
Macula                 0.6                      2.6
Mid-Periphery          6.7                     47.4
Periphery             12.1                      7.6
Fold Change
Macula                 4.3
Mid-Periphery          7.1
Periphery              0.6

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