Figure 4 of Pelzel, Mol Vis 2006; 12:1272-1282.

Figure 4. In situ hybridization analysis of retinas from human donors

Results are shown for two glaucoma patients (GL13 and GL49) who had associated visual field tests and clinical records. A: Patient GL13 had suffered from ocular hypertension, which was successfully controlled with medication. No defects were recorded on this individual's field exam. Opsin levels and localization in this specimen were similar to the pattern observed in an age-matched normal retina (HC17). B: Patient GL49 was diagnosed with ocular hypertension and glaucoma. Patient records indicated that intraocular pressure was poorly controlled. This individual suffered from extensive field loss and in situ hybridization results showed low levels of red/green opsin compared to an age-matched normal retina (HC32). Conversely, rod and blue cone opsin mRNAs were comparable between the two specimens. A complete summary of in situ results in all human eyes is shown in Table 6. The scale represents 10 μm.

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