Figure 1 of Kerrison, Mol Vis 2005; 11:208-215.

Figure 1. Purity of Thy-1 immunoselection

Three days following retrograde labeling of RGCs by DiI in postnatal day 2 rats, dissociated retinal cells were purified using immunomagnetic selection of RGCs with Thy-1 antibody conjugated microbeads and photomicrographed using DIC optics (A), epifluorescence illumination of DiI labeling (B), and Thy-1 immunostaining (C). This illustrates the enrichment of cultures for DiI labeled, Thy-1 immunopositive RGCs (Figure 2) as most of the cells after immunoselection (A) are positive for both diI (B) and Thy-1 immunoreactivity (C); whereas prior to immunoselection, only 1-5% of the cells were diI and Thy-1 immunopositive.

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